How to Make EASY Money for LAZY People!

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You Are Worthy. 🙂
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Lindsy Dee says:

Best quotes ever:
"When you change your attitude about money, money changes its attitude about you."
"You gotta create more than you consume."
"Money is a byproduct of doing something you love."

Mashooq Ali says:

Our country don't allow online earning because it don't support international credit cards and stuff so now i am stuck the only way to make money is to go out and do the work that you don't love :)

Truth Serum says:

Hello… LOL

Ernone Horvath says:

good us prana indeed prana baby

Ernone Horvath says:

how wise thoughts…..just hardly have forgotten my true nature

Ernone Horvath says:

trading day and night…..

Ernone Horvath says:

OSHO also like to study rich people instead of poors

Ernone Horvath says:

Great truth what you said before

Ernone Horvath says:

I love my energetic balance bank account

Xylo says:

also a heart attack is free

Xylo says:

`im I the only one who thought he said a suite or dicks?

ComputerGeek 101 says:

could you make a video on what you do daily? im sure everyone would love to see that 🙂 sending positive vibes! love your stuff man!

Melodie Porter says:

Loved this thank you!

Chocolate Divine says:

You've got this grown man vibe and energy. it's cool to see your evolution

Darlene Saycon says:

you're the best!! :)

Taylor Oliphant says:

I really enjoyed your video. It's probably worth adding that not all money is the same. The ethical value of New Zealand's currency is a lot different than the ethical value of North Korea's currency.

TheOriginalMakaaka says:

Answer is at 4:15. I told my wife and she laughed.

Chantilly Rae says:

wow! thank you so much you are such a beautiful soul hun :)

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