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Joshua Thomas says:


Learn MONEY says:

Awesome video as usual Tai. I just started a channel about Internet Marketing if anyone wants to check it out.

Jason Waite says:

How much money do you make selling your training to us? So the formula: 1.) Make some money online. 2.) Teach others your techniques to profit. 3.) Have experts come on, and sell their info products and training. Love it Tai! Your the man!

Sebastian Maxted says:

Thanks for such a great video, again!

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Bejoy Joseph George says:

Tai drinks from a different cup every five to ten minutes.

João Sousa says:

1 question… There's many amazons around the world. Should i use the closest from my country or is there an "best" amazon in Europe??

Obsessed Fangirl says:

So I don't know what was going on but I didn't clicked the "like" and I didn't watch this video but when I went to "liked videos" a few seconds ago this vid is there

OutreachExecutive Support says:

very nice check out our methods

CashbackAdverts says:

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Conrad says:

I made $18,000 on swag bucks this morning

Nantchev says:

Anyone interested in collabing on an ecommerce store?

Joshua Aeres says:

lol he said don't use the word "money" in the title and there it is

Elie Hill says:

can u please help me make money I'm 14 year old name Elijah and my mom need help she takes care of me my 2 older sisters by herself my dad left us my mom makes 100 a week and I need and want to help my mom and I want her to have the best life and not ever want for nothing I just want to help my mom with everything I want to be my sisters brother buh also dad I want my mom to not work anymore I want to help her out and I just need u to help me please I'm begging u if u have the chance my E-mail is almightyelie84@gmail.com thx and I hope u can read this and help me thank u so much

Ajax world says:

I don’t have a problem with the 3 hours

CB Passive Income says:

Decent and brilliant content i am agree, thank you for this video

LyfeHack Solutions says:

I see many people complain about Tai because he sells a product, which is his course. He is a salesman, yes, he is going to sell a product. And I see people complaining about his video is too long. Hello, McFly, a multi-millionaire is sharing ways to make money and you're complaining that his video is too long? Suck it up. He doesn't have to share anything with anyone. He could save it all for his product and make more money. Be thankful that he shares his time which is worth more than all of us combined make a year. People can be so ungrateful. But no big deal, those are the people who won't do what Tai suggets and therefore means more money for the rest of us.

DraxlezFX says:

Will you please donate me 14000$. I really want a Camaro for my 17th birthday and if you make 18000 today then can you please just send me some pay pal?

Lux says:

I can feel the brain cells growing

80sbreaker says:

100 billion

Jay New says:

tai, you have to shorten these. How long do you think peoples attention span is/how much time do you think people have to watch three hours a day. I love you content but I honestly cant do 3 hours a day..shorten please!

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