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Smart City Market says:

Open a free online-store for your location. You can quickly add product and image and set price. You can also attach products to your store from our master collection instantly. For more visit.. http://www.smart-city-market.com

mazza says:

are you talking turn over or profit?

mazza says:

you should get the lady to pick someone each shot you take and if you miss you pay them a hundred bucks do the best out of 100 seeing as you have 10 grand

eddyteddyshop teddy says:

thank you
Tai Lopez

Arthur525 says:

I think you should spend less time talking about your haters. Thanks for the video

Y Xankiroy says:

What you said is true.

Revelation Edu-ma-cation says:

Tai is awesome. Do your thing young man. The world is better because of you.

Angelia Kay says:

Thank you for sharing what you have learned. Remember, never take anything personal.
(One of "The Four Agreements") Some are fearful and hateful dealing with their own issues.

Baba Joey says:

salamun alikum  hey Tai   thank you for sharing  all that   business idea  and all   advice  you given   I have learned  a lot  form you  so thanks againtai  I have business  today  exactly 2  years     and I been investing my money for 2 years  in this business  but is not picking up I work hard  I spend more time than average    and  I believe  am really good with my customer  but is really slow  my business  called  domestic appliances   is a small business   and am good what I do  and I love my job  that is only thing I know to do  for to make my living  please some advice  do you think  is time for me to give up  ?do you think is  ok to keep going ?my  place is  really good  for coffee shop   do you think  is do idea to change my business ?i am in UK  or  England  please  some advice  please answer   thank you  salamun alikum

Dominick Oquin says:

Positive reviews can be a good dead. They don’t hurt.

Elijah X. Media says:

Tai speaking the truth in this video…

Amazon FBA by Marcus says:

hey Tai, have you ever thought about to teach how to creating courses? I run a youtube channel on Amazon FBA for Germany and I´m preparing a course at the moment. https://youtu.be/dFqy40euy7k

MandelaAxe Watson-Newsome says:

40:11 was freaking hilarious

New Money Millionaires says:

🔥🔥 Tai's Content MADE ME RICH with Amazon FBA! 🔥🔥

Edward Morales says:

Haha! Tai, your Brilliant. Hope to meet you some day.

Alexander Weinhart says:

Ffpffft I’m talking shit fpffffffft pffffffft fpfpfptttfffft

Shen M. says:

Hello Tai, you shared a great advice. Any small business can turn into a multimillion dollars company. Ecommerce is awesome when you know how to run it. Affiliate marketing is a great business model as well. We just need the right guidance like yours in order to profit well.

FOT2010 says:

What happened to Kate

Ian H says:

“I had these five pro girls here this week.”

kirzanful says:

че он постоянно разводит?))

ykproduction says:

Comon Tai you can do better then that

ykproduction says:

She is cute

Andrés says:

Tai she took young for your bro

Jonathan Nelson says:

Tai my 5 yr old son is watching you. I think hes watching millie too. Thanks for being easy on the swears…. well one F bomb Thanks for your contribution.

4trahasis says:

"Free" "For Under $100"


Robert De Castro says:

Tai your awesome ! Your the real deal. Look forward to meeting you.

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