10 Clever Ways To Make $500 NOW! Emergency Cash!

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Video Covers:
1. Sell/Pawn Jewelry
2. Drive with Uber https://partners.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=melecigzue
3. Do Tasks
4. Do Work For Others
5. Teach Elderly
6. Sell Free Products
7. Sell Brand Name Items
8. Pawn Other People’s stuff
9. Busking (Performer)
10. Return Cans

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Melecia At Home says:

Cant believe the foolish comments from some people regarding the Pay Day Loan I mentioned in this video. Notice when I mentioned trying Pay Day Loan, I also stated that it would be a last resort and for those who are about to LOSE SHELTER AND ARE IN DESPERATE need then that would be something to do. If you are in IMMEDIATE NEED for money! Then I went on to talk about the MANY OTHER OPTIONS that are available. But for some reason some of you are stuck on me mentioning "pay day loan" for 2 seconds IN A 13 MIN LONG VIDEO! as if that was the topic through out my video! Then I also stated you can find family members that would help if you don't want to do PAY DAY LOANS! Again, in an IMMEDIATE NEED FOR MONEY! smh. I will block and delete anyone else who come on this video and say anything such as "bad advice about pay day loan"

Tracey Del-Gado says:

Bad advice with payday loans!

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Mr Fred says:

DO NOT EVER DO PAY DAY LOANS, EVER. I rather lose my place. You don't know how serious payday loans are if you're suggesting them. If you need $1200 to pay your rent or get kicked out and you take a payday loan out to pay it, all you get it 1 more month to breathe and are delaying the inevitable. You're going to get kicked out either way AND now you owe a $1200 loan you cannot pay with extremely high interest. The average loan term is just 2 weeks to pay at 400% interest rate. Are you nuts? Plus finance charges, and the interest rate can range from 400-800% HEEEEEELL no. You're putting yourself in a worst positon. If you get a loan, get it from family AND MAKE SURE YOU REPAY WITH WRITTEN TERMS or Find a reasonable loan place with 5% to 25%.

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Connie Brown says:

Please do not advise people to borrow money from Pay Day or Title Loan Companies. Those are debt traps.

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