10 Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

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Oberlo 101 is free until May 15, 2020. Sign up for this limited-time offer: https://bit.ly/3eu8zhY

Online learning is one of the fastest ways to ramp-up the skills you need to start a business. Instead of spending thousands for courses online, sign up for one of these free online courses. Enroll through these free online course websites to learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, design, and productivity. Some courses even include a certificate.

Courses in this list:
Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/course/digital-marketing
Facebook Blueprint – https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/categories/introduction
Buffer’s Social Media Strategy Course – https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Introduction-to-Social-Media-Strategy-Learn-with-Buffer/1934895986?via=search-layout-grid
Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass – https://learn.wishpond.com/courses/wishpond-email-marketing-masterclass-for-beginners
Oberlo 101 – https://bit.ly/3eu8zhY
Shopify Compass – https://www.shopifycompass.com/
PhotographyCourse – https://photographycourse.net/
Canva’s Design School – https://designschool.canva.com/courses/
Highbrow’s Productivity Course – https://gohighbrow.com/portfolio/productivity-hacks-lessons-from-top-leaders-and-billionaires/
Asana Academy – https://academy.asana.com/

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Any video marketing courses ?

George I says:

Hey Jessica, thank you again for the free course, I'm in the middle of taking it now, and it really well done. I do have a question for you: in your FAQ template you specify 10-20 days after an items ships. As I'm picking out products from Aliexpress, with the exceptions of those rare ones that ship from their US warehouses, they specify shipping from China as 30-50 days, i.e 4-6 weeks, which boggles my mind. I haven't yet ordered sample products so I don't know what the realistic shipping times are, but is 10-20 days a proven timeframe, or should we specify Chinese suppliers' timeframe of 30-50 days?

edmikhael1 says:

Thank you 🙏

07 blue says:

Love this type of video! It's informative and more entertaining! I'm going to take the time management course.

Jean Remy Augustin says:

Good stuff 😎👌🏿

MOUMAYZ Mohamed says:

Let me finish first Oberlo101 then we talk 😊
NB: i'm in love with your videos ❤❤❤

Eric Vega says:

Great! You're an angel! Because of you I started studying Oberlo 101! And the other courses are very helpful also! Please keep adding suggestions!

Varun Pahwa says:

Where can i sign up for free courses for fb ads n rest what you mentioned in video

yiannis demetriou says:

Damn, too hot for me!

Juwel says:

Hi Jessica, thanks for this valuable information.
But I want to know about how can I use the small video sharing platform like tiktok and others for dropshipping buisness.

Sándor Füle says:

Finally a good choice of music under the video! 🙂 Some of the courses i already started. Great Content as always Oberlo. Ps. the fps was a bit high in my opinion.


already enrolled in oberlo 101 in Mon, Mar 23, 1:29 PM💓

Comedy Squad says:

Mam, after I purchase this course for free now, than can I access this course after may 15 or not.

Derval Watson says:

I want to try them all…

Ryan Shad says:

Thanks, it was very informative & helpful.

Jujutreats says:

Thank you! There have been some aspects of e-commerce I've been struggling with like product photos and email marketing.

Never Say No to Panda says:

Hi, Jessica. How do I check if my supplier from aliexpress has copyrighted products? So I can avoid dropshipping those items. Thanks.

Matteo Ciambotti says:

Ok guys, it's a great course but miss a deep focus to scale fb ads! How to calculate a breakeven point, when I have to kill an ads … and some question like that

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