10 Legit Ways To Make Money As a Teenager [In 2018]

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In this video, I will show you 10 ways that you can make money as a teenager or as a kid. Hopefully, you can take at least one of the ideas presented in this video and expand upon it to earn some money. If you found value in this video, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

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Nate O'Brien says:

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Owen G says:

I don´t know how to repair phone screens i´ll most likey break them even more

im.itunes says:

…sell drugs

Wolfy Cinema says:

Is twelve teenage

Adil Mustic says:

You know there was once a kid at my school everybody was paying him to do their homework and he got rich

Sexymotherfucker 69 says:

Thanks fellow ginger

Umaru Chan says:

Gonna make that money!!!

Umaru Chan says:

Gonna make that money!!!

Teal Squad Official says:

I never heard of you until my freind said you look just like me so i looked you up lol

100 subscriber with no video says:

9:15 sell candy but make sure it secret you earn a lot but if teacher found out you will die….

EnchantedBeast says:

Window washer, mad at me? It’s because I’m making money 💰🎧

Ur Desi Help says:

You look like Shawn mendes

Jx0251 says:

#1 Sell your kidney

Nhoj Pimentel says:

Thank you super helpful have a nice day

Loop Edits says:

hey I'm an editor. i also need money 🙂 so if you need an editor i am your guy.

Malek says:

Uk – hampshire

1000 subscribers without Any videos Challenge says:

How do u cash aluminum cans in? Or make money from them? Confused on that one..

tired log says:

Another great one that I think would fall under services is pet- walking. There are a lot of apps that make it easy to start in your area. Another option is pet sitting (Obviously just for people you are comfortable with).

QUEEN Jeylin says:

Just sell your mom

CHILL says:

Nice vid due I found this very help full! I took a bit of time off of fortnite and looked up ways of marking a bit of cash and I found you! Keep up the good work!!!!(;

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