10 Ways To Make Money on The Internet (Legally)

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How to make money on the Internet in 2017?
10 Ways To Make Money on The Internet Legally.
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1. Affiliate Marketing on Bluehost.

If you don’t have good enough time to work part time, then, you can start this affiliate marketing way to make money on internet. Well, with bluehost, i personally recommended you to

start your free blogger blog and post several bluehost reviews with affiliate links, blogging tips and how to start blog things. So, people will visit your blog and buy hosting through your affiliate links.

Well, bluehost is one of the best ways to make money on the internet in 2017. So, first you try this method to make money online.

2. Google Adsense & other Ad Network.

There are many ways to make money on the internet but, google adsense is a second best option for starting your online blog, website or android application. In this way, you need to

create a website or blog and publish some articles, like 40 to 60 articles having 500 words. Then, apply for google adsense program and place the advertisements on your blog. So, you

can make money through adsense. This is the great way to make money on the internet.

3. Writing Job or Freelancing Work.

If you’ve skills for writing in english on different topics then, you should start your writing job on fiverr or freelancer.com website. Their are many other freelancing writing sites available

where you can try out this way to make money on the internet legally.

4. SEO Specialist on Fiverr

SEO means, Search engine optimization, Well, to start this work, you need to learn all pro and cons about building high amount of traffic and search engine optimization techniques from

youtube and other SEO eBooks. Then, start selling your SEO skills on fiverr. Then, make good income with this skills. This is another good way to make money on the internet.

5. Voiceover service on Fiverr

Do you have cool and good voice? do you love to speak? then, why not try this way to make money on the internet? Voiceover service on fiverr is a great way to make money on the

internet. So, start with your recording device and signup on fiverr.

6. Provide Training & Consultancy.

If you are talented and well educated in any software, stream or any field where you are talented! then, you can try this training and consultancy way to make money on the internet.

This is the nicest way to make good amount of passive income on the internet.

7. Sell Photos on iStockphoto.com

Do you love to take pictures of nature, forest or small town or poor people! then, start it now. Start selling your photos on istockphoto.com and make good amount of income on the internet.

8. Domain name flipping.

Domain name flipping means! It means, you need to buy one .com domain, establish your website and write good amount of articles, like 40 to 80 articles in 6 months. Then, sell it on

flippa website. So, you can get good amount of money by selling domain name on internet. So, this is a 8th way to make money on the internet in new year 2017.

9. Bodybuilding Coaching on YouTube.

Are you healthy? do you have 6 pack abs? then, try out this option to make money on the internet. Building body and shoot it on your camera then, upload it on youtube.com. Now, you

need to create your website and sell your premium video tuturials with $49/Product price. If you build trust on your viewers then, you can get 10 to 50 sales per month on your product. Means, you make $490 to $2450 Per Month with your videos.

10. Work for Leapforceathome.com

This is great website, become an agent and earn money. Just visit it. I don’t have good info about it but, it is legal to make income. Try it out. Share your comments.

If you have any questions on this video then, feel free to share your thoughts in comment box. Also, thanks a lot for reading and watching this 10 ways to make money on the internet in new year 2017.


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