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How to make $100 per day online with simple youtube review videos. Making money on youtube is one of the best ways to make money online.

In less than 13 minutes, you can use ONE VIDEO to bring in easy affiliate commissions.

In my last youtube video, I showed how youtube videos can generate high conversion rates. It is not atypical to make a review video that makes more than $2+ per click on your affiliate link.

This strategy is also commonly referred to as launch jacking.



I am in bangkok too ­čÖé will you meet ?´╗┐

Fenix Cash says:

Brendon this video have all- common sense:)´╗┐

Altay Gursel says:

I think YouTube cares more about actual watch time, and actual video embeds into the websites more than backlinks but the product might work who knows.´╗┐

awesomeness says:

Hi Brendan,

I just recently found your YouTube channel and I'm loving the awesome content in your videos! I just had a quick question about your Ninja Tip #78 video, where you recommend that we register a domain name and set up a 301 redirect to an affiliate offer. My question is if YouTube still allows this. I just recently registered a new domain name that I'd be willing to use for this technique, but if YouTube no longer allows this I wouldn't want my new domain name to become blacklisted by YouTube and/or Google. Please let me know if this method is still safe to use on YouTube because I'm afraid of getting my domain name and possibly my YouTube account banned. Thanks!

All the best,

Mike Allen Author says:

I found this and all your other videos very useful. I am literally at the beginning and about to create my first funnel. I have watched most (if not all) of your videos and found all your instructions to be brilliant. I will be implementing as many as I can over the next few weeks. I am really glad I stumbled upon this channel first´╗┐

Adam Eng says:

All of your methods are based on "traffic" !! anything else !!´╗┐

SAKIB 4999 says:

it will work from india or not?´╗┐

dfxjedi says:

Hey Brendan, can you use VidLyft with more than 1 keyword or are you limited to just 1 keyword ?´╗┐

Super Tango says:

what free software you use to record your wonderful videos Brendan ?´╗┐

Mr Blogger says:

as a newbie affiliate marketer I think no body is going to give a free review copy.´╗┐

Jobair Cardoso says:

AWESOME, again!! Thanks, Brendan!´╗┐

Smart Tech says:

Hey brendan,┬ái was thinking of buying the followliker bot for instagram,twitter,tumblr,pinterest and automating my social profiles and buying longtail pro for KR and creating some sites! can you tell how is this plan? and should i focus on niche sites or micro-niche sites? and what kind of sites should i go for.. review or the online amazon store ones? please i need your help! thanks a lot´╗┐

Clinton Williams says:

Brendan how can I get more traffic to my website? I have a Facebook page. Twitter acct and YouTube channel. I'm working everyday to create new content but it's a slow process and I'm not getting anywhere. here is a link to my Facebook page and any help would be awesome. Facebook.com/clintonwilliamsart´╗┐

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