17 Easiest Ways to Make Quick Money

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From selling your parking spot to selling your notes from a specific class, here are 17 Easiest Ways to Make Quick Money.

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# 8 Selling your Parking Space
One way some students make extra money is by renting out their parking space. Certain student accommodations will offer a free parking spot or a garage, and if it’s not a necessity, you might want to consider renting out that space. There are places that specialize in park sharing like Parklet or Gumtree, and you could earn a few extra bucks a month.

# 7 Work as a Charity Collector
This job is not for everybody, but if you have what it takes in you to ask people on the streets to donate to charity and get rejected and ignored countless times, it might give you the extra cash you need. Street solicitors are typically paid by commission, so the better you are at convincing people to donate the more money you can make.

# 6 Complete Mundane Tasks for Amazon
Big sites like Amazon will actually pay you to be their “artificial intelligence” and complete mundane tasks that are too complicated for a robot to do but are super easy for a human to do. These tasks are very mundane and boring but if you have a high tolerance for boredom and a lot of time to complete jobs you can make some decent pocket change in your free time.

# 5 Donate Your Body Specimens
You can donate things like sperm, eggs, and even your plasma for compensation. The rates depend on the clinic you can sell them to. Sperm donations can range from 1 to 200 dollars; plasma compensation can be completely pay-less or be upwards of 30 dollars. Egg donations take a longer time to process and find a recipient for so they often are more laborious but can earn you a couple of thousand dollars in pay.

# 4 Collect recyclables
Some states require things like a bottle deposit, and you can earn those deposits back if you want to return those bottles to the place you bought them from. Finding these old bottles and recyclables and turning them into the appropriate collection centers can earn you as little as 10 cents to $2.50 per bottle. If you bring in a whole bag, you can make yourself a happy little fortune.

# 3 Online Surveys
A surprisingly easy way to start racking up money is to take online surveys. It’s not the same as taking those personality quizzes; it’s more like filling out forms and telling companies about yourself or sharing your opinion on products. Companies love this kind of data and will actually pay you for answering a bunch of questions! You can earn up to 5 dollars for some surveys. Take a few of these surveys at a time, and you got yourself a pretty hefty income.

# 2 Monetize your Car
If you’ve got a car and some spare time you should consider monetizing your car. You can offer your car up to rideshare apps and drive people around like a cab for hire. When that slows down, you can double dip and sell yourself as a food delivery person and not only give people a lift but bring people their meals too. Many people have entire careers around doing this, so it definitely is a surefire way to net you extra cash.
Before we reveal number one, let us know in the comments below which one of these ways to make quick money was your favorite and don’t forget to subscribe! And now…

# 1 Sell your Notes
If you’re a student and you pride yourself on your excellent note taking skills you should try your hand at selling those notes. Sharing your useful notes on different subjects on certain sites can let you take a tiny cut of the profit when people use them. It adds a little extra effort to your usual school workload, but it could earn you some extra cash on something you would do for free anyway.


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