2 FREE LUCKY WHEEL SPINS IN ONE DAY GTA 5 Online 1.48(Not a glitch)

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In this video I will show you how you can get 2 Free Spins from the lucky wheel in 1 day that is not a glitch but a great way to get exstra chips, Money, RP, and even a free car so have fun.
GTAV Online-Grand Theft Auto 5 Online 1.48
2 FREE LUCKY WHEEL SPINS IN ONE DAY GTA 5 Online 1.48(Not a glitch)


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La Villa Strangiato says:

Next up: 'Hey guys I have a great way to accelerate while IN A CAR!! Yes, you heard that right, you can actually gain forward motion WHILE IN A VEHICLE!! Tune in tomorrow for another AMAZING GTA ONLINE video in which I am going to teach you all how to REVERSE! I'm sure NOBODY is aware of that after the game has been out FOR SIX FUCKING YEARS!!!'

I swear to god you've reached a new low with this one. And I already had zero respect for your clickbait ass.

siruipyewe07 VX says:

You can just disconnect your WiFi and connect back and get unlimited spins

chubby cheeks021 says:

Or you can spin and close your app if something you dont want and open it again

Vaptic says:

The people who gives dislikes are the people who cant read

EasyHQ says:

If ur on ps4 u can just turn off ur app and then get on the game for unlimited spins

Keoup says:

Hey bro you can store the speedo custom in your garage but if you move it to the arena to do a merge it turns invisible do you know any bennys workarounds?

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