2 Years of being self employed

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2 years ago I made the choice to leave my full-time job and work for myself. It’s been the best decision that I ever made and I could not be happier with how it’s gone so far.

1 Year Ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKHKEZEy6xQ&t=1s

Filmed this vlog using this: https://geni.us/yAYVHH

Get in touch: https://geni.us/umBPP
Client Management Software I LOVE: http://geni.us/4S08
How I share files with clients: https://geni.us/AiZMGW
Store unlimited files online: https://geni.us/5mFaSQ
Where I get my music: http://geni.us/h8BS


Nita says:

This is going to be me one day. Staying patient though

IceMaN 8o4 says:

Good stuff man! Quit my job last May of 2018, and started two businesses and am at 45k in sales this year and continuing to grow as a full time videographer and marketer. Love hearing this brotha, let’s keep winning

Ashley Shanea says:

thank you for giving me something to look forward to

Abu Hamza Alsafadi says:

Soon i will follow this path

hamstergraphics says:

Oh dang… Stumbled on you becuase of the Logitech mouse review (for FCPX) and then found this just at a point when I'm thinking of going self employed myself…. It's a sign! (And hey, if you need a freelance editor, hook me up!)

Tina Boyer says:

I never had a goal to start a YouTube channel, but I was inspired to start my own business instead of work for someone else. Started my LLC in January and it’s going really well. Wouldn’t have had that success without all the information you have shared and your encouragement. Wish I could make it to Venture but it just didn’t work with childcare/funds. God bless all of your endeavors and your family!

Cody Wanner says:

Action man. Action. The most important thing. Thank you for continuing to take it!!!!!!!!! Let’s get this thing.

WooFilm says:

Good to hear Scott!! Nice video😁

JDub Films says:

Hi Scott, really loving the content right now, I feel like I'm on the journey with you! I've just filmed my first wedding and it went great thanks in part to your wedding vlogs! I'm a graduate civil engineer from New Zealand, but find myself at work daydreaming of being a creative full-time – I just know at some point it will be reality. Do you have any tips for balancing work with passion? I'm finding it difficult to be patient knowing it might be a couple more years 'til I can make the leap of faith. God bless!

Yancong Cai says:

There is a bug on your head.. haha.. jokes aside. You always remind me to keep pushing to attend what you did 2 years ago (going for full time). Can’t wait to reach that day. Hopefully end of the year..

InVi_Carlos says:

I was so excited to click on this video. I am living through you right now. Early 2017 I decided I would start my own videography business and eventually leave my job. I have done many construction and real estate videos since then, but I filmed my first wedding this past Saturday and it went so well. Why? Because I watched and took notes from so many of your videos leading up to it. Thank you Scott, I am following you; I'll be there too. So happy for you and thank you!

Michael Drowley says:

Legend Scott! Keep charging my friend.

500.001 LIKES says:

I started my own business a couple of weeks ago and today was my first working day after canceling my day job. Even if I work in a different industry than you, your videos are very helpful and motivating. Greetings from Austria.

Unusual Attitudes says:

Congrats Scott! Know that you’ve inspired me; I wanted to start a YouTube channel & create, & I came across your channel as I was researching how I was going to do it. I also did a consult with you, & you helped me bring it all together, although it did take me a while to get heading down the track that I wanted to go down. I’ve been uploading (semi consistently) for several months now & LOVE the process! Thanks for the inspiration & advice!

web graphr says:

Congrats to you Scott on two years! To be able to work for yourself and provide video work to clients is an accomplishment in itself. Now, you have two companies and vlog and podcast too. Not sure how you make it all work but you do. Continued success to you!

Dagley Media says:

I started a vlog series http://www.dagleymedia.com/daily.html After a week I got so busy with video/photo work I had to cut back on the number of episodes lol

Eddie Nunez says:

Proud of you…. I know this is probably not a creditable statement coming from someone you don’t know, however I have been watching your vlogs for a while and have learned so much from you. Your growth is amazing and I know this is only the beginning for you! I’m excited for you and your journey! I wish I can do the same. You inspire me and many. Cheers.

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