20 ways to make money as a kid

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Easy ways to make money as a kid at least one of these options will work.


Mythical RBLX says:

19 is gambling.. No ty.

ーDasiJunn says:

The first one…..
"Hey kid's would ya like some candy?"

Barry Copper says:

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Harry Matthews says:

Who would pay to get balloons 🎈 I mean just fucking go to McDonald’s there helium balloons r free

Cweppyrene says:

I want to make enough money to get a better camera so i can start recording videos showing my face

Zhina Mohsenpour says:

Number 5….. that never works

Golden Godz says:

i sold some pokemon cards for 5$ but in reality thry were only worth like 2$

Joan Odera says:

Put the video in 2x. Makes the video go faster. Thank meh later.

LittleArmyNut says:

number 19 is gambling also how can a kid take peoples kids to school

AR7 says:

Iphone X here a come

soso alex gaming says:

Thanks for the ideas

Levanah Carballido says:

Dont like because your helping someone dose not mean you ask for money

Awesome Maz says:

Um you forgot slime

N G says:


Plagued Gamers says:

Dude, nobody wants to do hapf of this stuff, its wrong. Stealing from your parents is wrong.

Mi Aviation says:

i think this guy is an idiot

Kawaii Boom says:

These are all great ideas. I need money so this will help a lot. I really like the idea of homework. I will probably do that since i go back to school August 20th. I wouldn't mind doing other people favors.

Light says:

Dunno why people don't like 19 lol I do it all the time… With my imaginary friends… I do not profit

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