21 Ways to Make $100 PER DAY Online (ACTUAL METHODS; NOT HYPE)

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You’re going to laugh when I tell you this. As a financial advisor I have made some pretty fat checks but it does not compare to the day that I made my first $100 online. 🤣

I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. Getting my first Google Adsense check in the mail, for making money online, just blew me away.

It began an amazing journey that I am so grateful for. Today, I want to share 21 ways that I’ve made $100 online. 💰

I want to show you that if you are interested in making money on the side, online, it is possible. These are not the only ways to make money online. I just want to share the things that I have tried.

So let’s take a look at these 21 ways you can make 100 dollars online:

➡️ 1. Google Adsense [3:51]- You can set up a free account, put it onto your website and Google does the rest.
➡️ 2. Text links [5:16]- There are companies that will pay to get a link back to their site.
➡️ 3. Sponsored Post [6:39]- Similar to a text link, but you are telling your readers and Google that ‘this is a sponsored post.’
➡️ 4. Affiliate Marketing [8:06]- Become an affiliate for a company or product that you believe in and share your affiliate link in blog posts.
➡️ 5. Display ads [9:06]- Similar to Google Ads, but your reader does not have to click, they just have to see the ad (more traffic = more money)
➡️ 6. Freelance writing [9:56]- You can get paid for each article that you write.
➡️ 7.Getting new clients [11:17]- I use my website and my blog as a marketing tool to get new clients.
➡️ 8. Coaching [12:11]- After you have established your business and learned the ins and outs on how to grow that business, you can coach others to do the same.
➡️ 9. Selling leads [13:37]- I started a new site to get leads for people that were interested in Life Insurance, I found that there were companies that were willing to pay for these leads.
➡️ 10. Digital Products [14:39]- You can create a digital product, like an email course, PDF or video series and sell that online and make money passively.
➡️ 11. Online course [16:01]- You can create a nice robust course (bring the value) to teach your readers a skill, again once set up this is mostly passive income.
➡️ 12. Investment gains [16:48]- You can set up an online account and start investing.
➡️ 13. Peer-to-Peer lending [18:04]- You can use online platforms, like lending club, for crowdfunding.
➡️ 14. Crowd-funding real estate investing [18:34]- Fundrise is a great way to invest in real estate and make money.
➡️ 15. Sponsored social shares [19:38]- Similar to sponsored posts, you can have sponsors pay you to promote their product on your social media channel.
➡️ 16. Sell stuff online [21:13]- You can sell your things through online apps like Facebook, craigslist, etc. You get to make a little money from things you don’t use.
➡️ 17. Physical Products [22:02]- You can create a subscription box service and have monthly subscribers, for an ongoing business model.
➡️ 18. YouTube ads [23:50]- All you have to do is turn on your monetization and the more people you have watching, the more you get paid.
➡️ 19. Niche site [24:58]- If you create a website that for a specific niche you can sell training materials for that specific market.
➡️ 20. Brand partnerships [25:50] – Similar to sponsored posts, brands will come to you if you have a decent audience size. They will buy a package to promote their product through your social channels.
➡️ 21. Publish a book [26:56] – Write a book, then promote it through your social platforms.

Those are the 21 ways that I have been able to make money online. I’m sure you already know there are other ways to do it. We didn’t talk about drop shipping, retail arbitrage, membership groups, or Facebook ads. There are so many ways out there.

Chances are one of these ways I’ve shared, you can implement yourself and start making some extra side income. Once you figure out a way to do that, your wealth building journey will begin.

Do it in a way that is fun, invigorating, and brings you life, and of course a way that adds to that checking account. 😀

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21 Ways to Make $100 PER DAY Online (ACTUAL METH

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Thanks Jeff. I like your style.

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Very motivational, thanks.

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JKR-480 says:

Hey buddy I have been watching your videos ,I like them. I have a question .Can you advise me or help me how to invest my money ? I am workig overseas and I would like to invest $100,000 , I would like to have 500k or more.

Desmond Little says:

Hey jeff can you teach how to make a living writing article online? I’m in a financial situation and trying to make a living doing something. What do you do if you don’t have anytime to learn anything new or have any skills? Can you help me?

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What about people who aren’t interested in being so public (i,e You Tube, Facebook, etc)?

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Sub for sub please

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Awesome job! 😍

James Grant says:

with the mommy box how did you get customers ?

A. Duran says:

Great. Auto Insurance leads.., you must be the reason I get 7 calls a day, from Middle Eastern accent folks, telling me about the 30-40% drop in auto insurance rates.

: u )

SopranoJessi says:

I'm kicking myself, because if I started a blog and consistent posts 2yrs ago on my Ketogenic Journey, I would have made so much money over the 2.5yrs I've been doing this. It's just the time needed to devote to daily posts on YT, IG, FB, blogging… I gotta jump on this

Manafest says:

Awesome man! Thank you for this!

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Thank you! So many really helpful ideas 🙂

Aiseosa Erhabor says:

What website host should I use to create my blog.

joe Nzegang says:

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for the amazing content.
I have noticed that in your list the majority of ways to make that $100 are based on having a blog. I know you have recommended having a blog so many times but here is the issue and I think I speak for a lot of people.
In order to have a blog, you have to be at least very good if not close to expert in a subject and most people who want to make an extra $100 are not really expert in anything, otherwise they'll be too busy being expert at what they're doing.
Why don't you talk about ways to gain enough knowledge in some areas/niches to become expert in that field, then create a blog.
That's just where I'm at. I would love to have a blog but I don't have enough to talk about really.

Pisica Neagra says:

After this video I am convinced I will not be making money online. I am not a sales man, not a writer, not a promoter.
Seems that in the end making money online resumes on selling something to people, or selling some pdf with some bs secret about how to make money online.

Steven Sigüenza says:

Men . I love this guy.

vigilantezack says:

So wait. If someone writes on your blog, they pay you. But if you write on someone else's blog, they also pay you?

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