28 Ways to SAVE MONEY (& make money) you have to try!

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» B L O G P O S T »

In today’s video I share with you 28 ways to save money and make money you have to try! Thanks to eco minimalism and my low buy year, I’ve been able to save a lot of money and reevaluate how many things I’m bringing into my home. Sustainable living really is a great way to save money because reusing, and reducing our needs is a key element to living a zero waste lifestyle.

» S U B S C R I B E »

» I N S T A G R A M »

» Time Stamps »
00:00 Intro
00:36 Invest (sustainably & ethically)
03:24 Make use of government incentives (LISA / ISA)
05:21 Open a pension
06:00 Buy things ‘out of season’
06:30 Join a local ‘no buy’ group
06:55 Sell the stuff you no longer use
07:16 Set up automatic transfers
08:04 Set up an honest budget
09:05 Cancel unused subscriptions
09:42 Shop around for yearly payments (like car insurance)
11:00 Utilise budget apps
11:43 Decide on areas to cut back
12:21 Make your staples at home
13:06 Buy directly from restaurants for takeaways
14:10 Utilise rail cards (like 16-25 in the UK)
14:58 Delete all apps that encourage spending (& remove auto-fill)
15:32 What’s your purpose? Fight impulsivity
16:24 Make saving money emotional
16:53 Ask yourself this question?
17:15 Use money saving apps like Too Good To Go
17:32 Try a no spend week, month, year
17:59 Pay annually
18:32 Avoid fees, go paperless
19:09 Check if there is a free option first
19:33 Skillswap
20:17 Save or invest any extra money from a pay rise or bonus
20:52 Find the cheapest transport
21:40 Negotiate your salary

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Sustainably Vegan says:

I hope you enjoy today's video! It's long because I wanted to take the time to fully explain things. There are timestamps so you can skip anything that's no relevant to you (ie, if you're not a UK citizen then LISA's won't interest you). Thanks for being here, I hope you enjoy it – please give it a like if you do and subscribe so you never miss another video in my Low Buy Series! Immy xx

Sabina Rysnik says:

Love this video !! I have been getting more interested in how to make my money work for me as my savings have been growing (making ethical investments, checking in with values that my bank aligns with). I woke up this morning and was like cool a 23min video to watch while I have my coffee, but it's taken me about an hour cause I keep pausing it with every tip and being like 'oh yeah I will check my phone plan, oh yeah I should see what financial assistance my gov provides'. Thanks heaps for the financial motivation !!

Vicky Jansen says:

I've been repairing my clothes like if I get a hole in them. Believe me when I say I'm not the greatest sewer. Also drying my own herbs this time around. Having less food waste has been my New Years resolution. I work in retail and I notice one off the manager would redo a fixture to make it look new to sell better. I've done this with food. When the potatoes don't get eaten I'll make a Mexican potato filling for tortillas or make potato patties for burgers. Redo your fridge by placing food in different containers or different place in your fridge at eye level. Things I had in big containers, I put in smaller containers to pack for lunch or easy microwave meals during the day. How you cut up a vegetable or fruit to get the most out of them. Bell peppers I cut the top and bottom off first, remove the stem. Dice up the tops, bottom and middle. If I'm making a stew I cut up the seeds and white part because I think it's like a mushroom and will take on the favor of the stew. The stem is the only thing I put in the compost bin. Thanks for your videos have a great day….

Namastita says:

Thank you so much for this video Immy! So much needed during these times 👍

Catherine Lytle says:

Thank you for this awesome video~ I personally use the budget mom method (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqP6K5GNGvQXSI10xNIAkxA) for my monthly and annual accounting and she has done amazing things for my budgeting skills. She doesn't believe in apps, she has a workbook, but its honestly changed my life and I can't imagine not using her method. Thank you for all your other tips!!

RedCurlVegan says:

Great video as always Immy thank you and very helpful! It has encouraged me to look into investing – something I've always been afraid of as an overly-sensible virgo lol ☺ I am a huge fan of money saving tips and practice alot of these myself (& recommend them on my channel too) so thanks for making this video with some extras I'm going to try myself 💚🤗

Zoe Jones says:

Can you recommend a UK ethical pension, thanks you

Isabel Wilson says:

Really enjoyed hearing you talk about this topic, Immy! I dropped you an email with a similar video suggestion I'd love to see on your channel – hope to hear back from you soon about it!

Jessica Kleczka says:

Any recommendations for an ethical LISA?

Styledunder25 says:

Such awesome recommendations!!! Thank you for sharing

Natalie Kibble says:

Not sure about Deliveroo but Just Eat take one third of the price of your order. I work with food businesses and they all feel they have to join to get customers but would rather people ordered direct.

Gillian Lamb says:

Just started watching your videos and you’ve really inspired me to be more minimal and sustainable. Can you recommend any books or documentaries about sustainable living?

Aleksandra Stareva says:

Immy, you probably know this, but just a heads up that when you move to the US you won't be able to put money in your LISA until you come back. There may be exceptions but I think that applies to most people.

Rose Woods says:

My tip; look at your phone plan and assess if you actually need all that data. Now that I’m working from home I don’t need as much data as I did before. Saved me 5$ a month which adds up.

Make Money Julia says:

This is so nice! Such a fresh breath of air you are and especially in todays world people like you are so needed so thanks for that ❤️

jlbutters2 says:

Great tips! Thank you.

javier suarez pena says:

¡Great advices! I think I can manage my finances pretty ok (I achieve to save €200 from a €590 salary) but it´s always so cool to hear so nice content.

Miranda says:

As someone in the states, I wish so badly we had better transport options! We don't have trains in my area and bus trips are incredibly long, I don't have time for them. My neighborhood is not set up for biking or walking and so I don't feel safe doing so. The only option I have is to drive, and although I offset my carbon emissions each month, I still hate having to do that! My car was so expensive, so is my insurance, and the whole system just feels so ineffective. :/ Thank you for your tips and tricks in this video, as a college student with very little money, I appreciate them!!

Mary Charlebois says:

As you have mentioned Immy… a massive step forward towards saving $ is to “make your own”. We live in the remote wilderness of 🇨🇦 where there are no options for shopping, dining out, purchasing coffee or snacks, etc. We make, grow, preserve, cook, upcycle, repair, repurpose, and make do or do without. This is so much better for the planet, for our health, for our piggy banks… loving this content Immy! Thank-you so much 😃 Ⓜ️ary

nexusvirtue says:

I had a cup of tea at the start. I felt abandoned Imy. Abandoned!! 😁😁 Another great video!

Sustainably Vegan says:

Also a blog post available if you like to read: » B L O G P O S T »

Mary Charlebois says:

Personally Immy, I just gotta say that I really value this video and content of this nature because, in addition to research, it shows life experience, personal growth, and a determined sense of purpose on your behalf. To me, this is very inspiring, it creates awareness, and it paves the sometimes rocky road of self-improvement !! Ⓜ️ary 💕

Jumoke Babatope says:

Thank you so much for sharing, all 28 tips are so spot on😊👌💚. I took note of them all 📝.

Maria Osiak says:

Ok, so it's not necessarily a budgeting app, buy there's this thing called splitwise, which is helpful when you go on trips with friends and somebody pays for something, and then the other person pays for something else, cause at the end it sums up who owes what and that way you're not getting all mixed up and accidentally paying for someone else 😀

Jumoke Babatope says:

Cancel unused subscription is so important 👌. Especially for automatic renewal payments, you can as well opt for one time payment.

Mary Charlebois says:

Investing in one’s future is the best form of Self-Care I can think of 💵. It’s wise to save for the near future, and also invest for the ‘grey-power years’ because if we don’t invest in ourselves… who will? 🌎💦Ⓜ️ary

Brianne Kendall says:

I love your content, especially your camping/outdoor videos and your Low Buy Series! I'm a recent college graduate, and I'm trying to better understand my finances so I can pay off my student debt as quick as possible and start saving early! I am specifically interested in sustainable and ethical investment, and you have been a life save there. Thank you!!

Jumoke Babatope says:

We're here !🍵

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