3 Ways To Make EASY MONEY in Sword and Shield

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How to get money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield, early, mid and endgame!

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► There are lots of items you’ll want to buy in Pokemon Sword and Shield – plenty of cool clothing options (like an epic Arcanine shirt), vitamins to EV train your Pokemon Quickly, and even Pokeballs to catch plenty of Pokemon in the wild area! This video will show you three ways to make money in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and will have you covered for all points in the game!

Method 1 – Collect sparkling items in the wild area! These items can easily be picked up and sold at shops for a quick and easy buck!
Method 2 – ALWAYS give watts to the fishing lady. She spawns near water in the wild area, and will give you valuable items to sell to shops!
Method 3 – Get the event Gigantamax meowth, give it an amulet coin, and fight the champion league – by using GMAX Gold Rush three times, you can easily make 100,000+ Pokedollars per opponent! (Thanks to NZtechfreak on reddit for posting about this!)

–►Various tracks from Pokemon Sword and Shield
–►Pokemon Sun and Moon – Apparel Shop
–►Pokemon Gold and Silver – Lake of Rage Remix
–►Maplestory – Fantasy Theme Park

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Dr. Sofian Wijaya,MHA. says:

F to anyone in the future after january 15

Scribblepoop says:

I traded my meowth. 🙁

Chris Gaming 2.0 says:

No joke this is broken cause I literally got 99,999

Purple Gh0st says:

The last method is not the best way to make money. The date spamming raid dens trick is a far better way to make money.

Davin Friesen says:

You need Nintendo account

MageSkeleton says:

you know the LUCK INCENSE and the amulet coin are the same item right? Also, imagine if Happy Hour was available.

MLTN 88 says:

"Like this sick arcanine shirt"… ahahahah you crack me up lol.

Malik Johnson says:

91 thousand

Pixel - Kyjana says:

A faster way is smashing the A button at the digging due with low Stamina and get a BUNCH of treasure.
And make sure to check the bargain store in Stow-on-Side as the dude on the left will buy 1 treasure item per day for an higher than normal price.

I didn't use that Meowth and I'm 2mil deep XD

James Morris says:

Let me save you from watching 11 minutes:
Do the watts exploit
Use watts to buy tons of luxury balls
Sell them all in any shop.
Make millions in an hour

Babchak says:

Dangit I sold my amulet coin 🙁

Ches G says:

if I have both the amulet coin and the luck incense will the money become 4 times bigger?

Amirul Nizam says:

easiest way: buy luxury ball from watt trader, resell at pokemart.

boom! you're rich.

Lumikki Cresent says:

You are LITERALLY the ONLY person to have said another option that doesn’t use a hack or changing the time on the console so THANK YOU for saying other ways INCLUDING ways that don’t need you to have finished the game!!!

That is by the way how I got my 1,500,000 pokedollars (I farmed the wild area and then sold the items that weren’t bottle caps)

phantom of the void says:


Big O says:

Does it have to be the Gmax meowth

Vinal Sharma says:

I accidentally traded THAT meowth away ;(

probably a human being says:

Does the amulet coin stack with luck incense?

lucas animations says:

Oh no… I think I sold my amulet coin…

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