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Carmina Jacob says:

Thank yoh for sharing to us thia kind of video it will help people claim all their unclaimed funds..

shivang marvania says:

great tip Ryan! never knew this things even exist

The New World says:

Just went to the website for unclaimed funds and it's down right now.

fungal gaming says:

Ight I’ll be real thought this was click bait but turns out my entire family is owed quite a bit of money just by looking at the ny state comptroller holy shit thanks man

Freda Flowers says:

Wednesday evening, April 17, 2019. Time 5:55pm central standard time, Arkansas. Hello Ryan. I enjoyed your video. Very informational. I have tried Unclaimed Funds and haven't seen anything yet under my name. But I will try again. Have a blessed evening

cxncious says:

How did I know you was gonna put John Smith

Boblibobli says:

free money… wtf?!

jR says:

Ryan, I want to make money from home, I go through so many youtube video's!
Could we have a conversation?
Oh, and yes I found Unclaimed funds a few years ago!
I want a real challenging and fun job to do everyday!

But I wish I could find a some side jobs that paid me to my pal pal account?
I am disabled at home searching!
Thank you Jeff!

danjohnrob64 says:

I'm a winner! Apparently CVS owed me money over 20 years ago when I lived in RI and, thanks to this video, I'm going to get it back! Thanks! 😊

Tarek Abulleef says:

u menchaned like to arn money can u make video on how to earn money

Making A Million says:

Thanks for sharing .

aku says:

This is really awesome, thank you so much I got $3651 from this site

Amanda Becca says:

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Simone Childs says:

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NeoLeVrai says:

This is really awesome, thank you so much I got $5314 from this site


Brandon Spiegel - Future Millionaire says:

Thanks for the fire content man, I will use this knowledge to get to my first million!

mrbing 70 says:

Good video, but "been there done that" with all these suggestions

Joseph Boamah says:

Wooow, am Ghana watching your video, how do I start it.

Chris H says:

I took out a 5,000 cash advance on my credit card and then claimed bankruptcy
Yeah free money is awesome.

Tea 1 says:

Oops… have to have a computer first☹️

Three Nines says:

Dude! My state owes me $117! Thanks for the video!

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