4 Ways To Get Paid By WALMART Working From Home

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mylyn spooner says:

This is too vague. Most people are still going to be scratching their heads over finding the audience. And I got the impression there is an upfront cost especially if you are writing a blog. You have to test the product to blog about it.

Teksal1 says:

If you click to sign up for Walmart Affiliate the page will not come up anyway.

Robert Sinclair says:

Hello me Pratt. Thank you for sharing valuable information on starting a online business to make passive income. I’m still trying to get something going for myself but I’m confident that something will workout once I put in the time and effort. What is your number one recommendation on how to make money at home? Thank you.

Doagae Porbeni says:

Like trying to sell water to a whale….smh

lisa starves says:

I have a New video on YouTube ok im new…

mabatommy says:


Mudk1p28518 says:

you will never get any traffic. Maybe in 2 years.

Karen White says:

waste of time… BS

Barbara Shannon says:

I love Wal-Mart to. I love their clearance department.

silvia coito says:

This may sound stupid but I'm not computer smart. I have an email that's about it. Kinda feel stupid. I honestly need to make money for my medicine and copays. I had to leave my job due to many medical issues hitting me at once. What do you recommend?

DJ S says:

Let me tell you about Walmart. They don't care about their customers they don't care about their employees, they hired the wrong people to work for them they have crap Ola products. Even if you have a receipt they make excuses why you can't return it. Even if it's not used, or even opened, or still in the system they will find a way or an excuse not to give you store credit or your money back. I've experienced this and others have experiences as well. Why would anyone want to promote Walmart or there shity products. Corporate is a joke. You better off buying products from Amazon working for Amazon and dealing with Amazon you can probably do a lot better.

renee horrice says:

Hello was trying to get some help was hurt in a car accident knee was broken foot crushed bones broken off lots of surgeries I have a family of 5 to take care of and I need to find a job working from home until I'm able to go back to work is there anything you can help me with because I have no idea how to do online jobs I've never done that before and I really need some help please help me if you're able so I can learn how to do these things step by step to earn money to take care of my family thank you for your help bruised and hurt

S B says:

Not helpful video

Harmoni Lombardi says:

walmart money card

Linda Stuart says:

Real confusing

Donna Tate says:

Why would you want to support Walmart?

CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity says:

Woa too much work rather pay someone else to get me started someone who is well seasoned

LarryBlue55 says:

Why do you call it Passive income?

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