5 Fun + Easy Ways to Make Money

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Hope you guys liked these few tips to make some extra cash!!! AND BTW I’m officially graduating this year so hollaaaa class of 2016 😀 To Check Out Care.com: http://bit.ly/1N5xKXA

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-insta: @lifewithkt
-twitter: @lifewithktt
-snapchat: lifewithkt
-vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFAOhZcljPWVhWy_8SsFNbg

// FAQ’s \\
-How old are you/when’s your bday? My bday is November 24, 1998!
-What’s your nationality? I’m half American + half Taiwanese ❤︎
-Where are you from? I’m from the East Coast in the US!

Business inquiries: katieelisabeth1@gmail.com


Lauren Buttke says:


Rozealinda Schultz says:

i started a youtube channel about 2 weeks ago

Obema White says:

To make real money online one try the FREE Blueprint of "Luxy Make Money System" Google it and try, you will start making money online.

Cahills says:

My brother and his friends have their own business they sell hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks and like put new string on it

Prabnoor Singh says:

Dude the first one is BS

Katie S says:

How do you make money from YouTube?

Hannah Ashton says:

Loved this! Also could you DM me to talk about the collab? Thanks!?

It's Me AmberMarie says:

What do you use to edit your videos??

Izzy Literalist says:

Was that a Mini Golden Doodle? I have one at my dad's. Her name is Chloe!

Piaspassion says:

Thank you so much Katie, this video was so helpful <3

Syeda Nafisa says:

No way, my bday's on Nov 24th too but on 2003!???

Rikke〈3 says:

Your voice is so calming?

Greatimpuls says:

Can you make a video explaining how you started with YouTube and how you get so many followers?:)

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