5 Online Businesses To Start In 2019 (Work From Home)

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In this video, we will take a look at five online business ideas for 2018 and beyond! Some of the businesses mentioned in this video can be operated from anywhere in the world, while others could be considered “work from home” businesses.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
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Nate O'Brien says:

1,000 likes and I'll shave my head!
alright maybe not…

Alex Santana says:

I'm pretty sure your business idea has already been done pretty well with LegacyBox

Julianne Armstrong says:

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M Jones says:

Only flaw with the vhs/cd business might be that people won’t trust sending you the tapes as they’d usually be family videos, sentimental content. Perhaps making an AD video with multiple customers giving their testimonies would ensure trust with the buyer.

Carlyne Jean Jacques says:

I like the vhs 📼 conversion to downloadable files. Affiliate marketing is the big thing nowadays.

That Uchiha Guy says:

Can you talk a lil bit slower? Thanks!

Nicholas says:

okay. start a subscription box. start a brand. okay. all of this shit needs money for marketing. lol

Andrey Medina says:

Great video man

Gucci Girl says:

Can you explain more about subscription box I would appreciate that. New subscriber love your channel ❤

Butch Gomez says:

that's very helpful Nate! Thanks for sharing this…

Debby Spagnol says:

Your amazing Nate, Keep crushing it!

Claude Belanger says:

Impressing, Nate. Very good ideas. I live in an area where there is only one industry with limited job opportunities. Students are moving away to go to college or university and not coming back. A group of us had got together to promote business opportunities in the hopes of stopping our regional population from declining. I look for videos like yours to generate ideas and discuss ideas that could work here. This global economy is opening up all kinds of ways people can earn a living without having to leave home. Continue with the videos you are helping people in distant places you probably never thought of. ( In this case, Northern Ontario, Canada, along the James Bay coast)

Nate Micah says:

This is like what to do in 2016

Jeremy Feldmesser says:

You got some nice ideas here Nate! I'm sure a lot more people will be wanting to start a home-based online business in 2019. I'm an affiliate marketer myself, and I love helping people to get started and keep going!

Rob oshea says:

Unless I'm mistaken and correct me if wrong but I see a Video online saying Ty Lopez is a fraud and all his houses were rented mansions for the videos ?

Home Business University says:

“If you can’t fly then run. If you can’t run, then walk. And, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” — Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the civil rights movement

Yvette Vinson says:

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Bodak Sack says:

Thank you so much for getting to the point, subscribed and liked, so many people try to draw their videos out and then recommend their website and ask for an email… blah blah blah

shuqul kulli says:

Hope this is only in western countries. In Africa can I do it??

Enchanted xxo says:

Awesome ideas..thanks!

Lonnie Jerry says:

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Brittaney Bogle says:

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Arielle Mobley says:

whats the difference between social media marketing and affiliate marketing?

Terrapin243 says:

You look like the main character from GTA 3. The vid is appreciated.

Farrel Radithya says:

Hi! I want to start international dropshipping but it's so complicated. I really need help and suggestions. Can you help me? I'll really appreciate it

Ben Nader says:

These videos are too simple, you never really understand at the end that you actually have to do work. I run a recruiting agency and it involves real people that have a real need and get real value from what I do, I mean I'm not shitting on this, but when you deliver real value like REAL value, you do six figures in six months. It's clear and obvious, not a guessing game with fb ads.

Chandra Marshall says:

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