5 part-time online jobs to do from home in 2020

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In this video, you will find out which online jobs will be in high demand in 2020.
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Time codes:
0:00 Intro
0:47 Sales Funnel Manager
4:09 YouTube Channel Manager
6:33 Voice Over
7:13 Virtual Recruiter
8:24 Graphic Designer

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Silicon Valley Girl says:

Which online job mentioned in the video you would choose?

Time codes:

0:00 Intro

0:47 Sales Funnel Manager

4:09 YouTube Channel Manager

6:33 Voice Over

7:13 Virtual Recruiter

8:24 Graphic Designer

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ALJ Studios says:

Saying that if you can speak confidently into a mic is a drastic oversimplification for voice over work. People have surgery done to alter their voices to achieve a certain timbre and go to speech classes to remove any accent they may have. I know people in that line of work. Just looking at VoiceBunny, there are over 28,000 people providing their voices now. Unless you sound like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman or that guy in the GEICO commercial voice overs, don't hold your breath thinking you will get picked.

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Nita Hudson says:

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Tsitsi Shoniwa says:

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kidroming says:

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