6 REAL Ways to Make Money Online

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I want to go over my favorite 6 ways to make money online. These are not the only way or even the best ways, but these are what I am currently interested in pursuing.

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Anesha Penigar says:

This is amazing direction!!

Vito says:

interesting vid !!

Theresa Langat says:

Hi Fred, I am Theresa. I agree with what you said about Niche Websites being able to make some money. I am a member of this awesome affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. At wealthy affiliate they teach you how to build a website and they provide hosting with the membership. I just thought that I would share this with you.

Brayden Conner says:

When you gonna do another video on that damn JEM guitar!? (Sorry for busting your balls bro)

Harrison Brown says:

Great camera work at 1:50 . Everything is so symmetrical.

Dhruv Patel says:

Hi Fred, I also believe that niche website is a way to go. Niche websites are easy to rank and you don't have to do too much off page SEO.

Robert Young says:

I just came across affiliate marketing, I would absolutely love if you could make a video that goes more in depth with it. Even anything in the video to be honest. I would love to gain some knowledge about any subject and continue to develop a mentally like yours. I like your attitude!

makemoney online says:

Great advice man!!!

Sarath Ramakrishna says:

I love your channel man!! I am glad I watched your videos at least now

5llllle says:

Hey Fred I've been a subscriber on your channel for a few weeks now and I must say I've learnt a lot already. You explain things well. I would love it if you could document the selling on Amazon idea. I specifically like to know how you go about negotiating with people in Asia to manufacture the product and then get it on Amazon. Much love from the UK.

Jonah B says:

Fredy 2.0 comin in hot with these new edits! Love it babe! Keep it up! Kissesssss

Robert Moore says:

Love this channel. I like your practical down to earth approach to everything. Are you planning on traveling to Taiwan? That would be an awesome video.

skashan23 says:

What's a good product for a ecommerce business?

skashan23 says:

Yes please make a detailed video on how to make money with a niche website

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