7 Ways to Make Money Fast – If You’re In A Hurry!

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So you’re in a bind and need to come up with some money quick… What should you do? Here’s 7 ways to make money fast if you’re in a hurry. These are solid ideas that you can try to implement.

– Sell some stuff in your house on Craigslist or Lets Go
– Go to yard sales and flip stuff on Etsy. (quick tip on finding yard sales using IFTTT and Craigslist)
– Become a freelancer or virtual assistant. (UpWork.com)
– Sell your Advice (clarity.fm)
– Recommend products as an affiliate. (Walmart, Clickbank, Peerfly, Commission Junction)
– Flip Domains: Buy them on GoDaddy auctions and sell them on Flippa
– Sell Leads to business owners. (post an ad on Facebook take the leads that come in and find a local business owner that wants them and sell them on a per lead basis)

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iampauljames says:

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Grant F. says:

it sounded like you said "turn off notifications"

Martin Iyooh says:

Thank you Paul for sharing…

Jazz W says:

great video..

can I ask, is #1 similar to FBA marketing?

Na Hal says:

i hired an excellent phone person upbeat etc…. to make calls early on. nothing. i just called two biz both said something silly: here "she doesn't advertise, have a great day" that was a dentist office. auto repair shop person who answered shut me up quicker before i said much : "no thanks" they need my services, this I know. the question is how to get them to listen ? oye vey.

Joe Harris says:

Thanks for posting this, Paul. About to check out your masterclass! Kudos to you!

learn with Kamran says:

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Robert Harris says:

Hey Paul, are you a basketball fan? We were at the Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks game the other day, literally won by the last throw of the ball in the 5th quarter!

Digital Promotions says:

can you show in the comment box the google search Query that has all the GMB listings that has not been claimed and verified yet? also can you include keywords & niches too? THANx…

Khalis Harris says:

Only problem I have is I’m getting the same content from marketer to marketer- u guys all use the same titles within das of each other..

Uhdbc Yjg Noraine says:

Thank you !

MollyBoy says:

How do you find business owners to sell those leads??

Todd Connelly says:

Hi Paul. I really like the idea of getting leads for different businesses. Can you explain "how" to approach a business with the offer for them? I mean, how would they know that I am legit and that the leads are real? Thanks!

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