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Healthy Life says:

I am here to see you,,,you are so lovely💕

Michael S says:

It’s easier to scale products rather than services

Daniel Iles says:

A cleaning business is SOOO easy to set up! Marketing is easy and most times you can subcontract out the work to employees and never have to clean yourself. I have some videos on this as well!

Shareez Mohammed says:

Love this, thank you

Zach Galifianakis says:

you're beautiful. marry me?

Kamal Huseynli says:

Good job Russian girl 👏🏽

Aman Je says:

Waste of time this video is

Bitcoin Earner says:

You look like Brit Marling, have you watch her OAs (Seasons 1 & 2)?
You're so beautiful, I love you!

GrantMe Team says:

Excellent advice for people not knowing where to start!

Polina Vinokurova says:

I am thinking to find some project in Africa or other developing countries and invest there… What do you think?

جوى النوتيلا says:

Are you interested in investing ?
Have you ever heard of crypto wealth
it can make the
100$»»»»»166$ in one mothe
and more than that it doubls after two month
How you can trust as and why ?
Any question comes in your mind just ask me
and will be glad to answer you

Saida Razaee says:

Please don't put this out there that CPA's know the law. CPA's don't know the law. They are accountants not lawyers. My husband is in law school specializing in tax law and you have no idea how many people are in court fighting cases and paying penalties because they asked their CPA for advise instead of a lawyer. I know lawyers are expensive but it's worth your money to seek legal advice instead of paying legal fees.

LeitoAMG says:

Hi , can i be your partner ? 😀

David Tibor says:

communication and networking.

boyabii says:

I believe on hard and smart work

Stuey Griffith says:

how are your knees?

Nina Ross Business Solutions says:

Thank you for posting.

Nina Ross Business Solutions says:

Thank you for posting.

Nina Ross Business Solutions says:

Thank you for posting.

Nina Ross Business Solutions says:

Thank you for posting.

Juan Giraldo says:

thank you so much for this valuable information. i am truly thankful.

Josiah Shade says:

Like the comment to keep this near the top and save people time…

1. Master a skill, scale it, and build a comunity around it (i.e. YouTube) 0:25
1a. Build a platform for others that have skills (i.e. built a platform for native speaker to edit text in real time) 0:51
1b. Start online courses/webinars on skills you already have (i.e. class on how to start a blog) 1:54

2. Clean people's homes 3:08
3. Amazon Fulfilment Business 4:07
4. Meal Prep and Delivery 5:02

5. Rent bikes/mopeds 5:46
6. Become a fitness trainer (online or in-person) can even pre-record 6:33
7. Certified Public Assistant 7:27
*Last point need leadership skills* 8:04

Side note: She mentions building a platform as a second type of business @ 0:51 but then clearly marks business #2 in the list as cleaning homes @ 3:08 and business #3 as AFB @ 4:07 and CPA is the last one @ 7:27 but that would only be 7 businesses. So I'm guess her numbering is off? Regardless, here are the links. Hope they help.

Maratha battalion मराठा बटालियन says:

I cant concentrate while ur speaking??

Your Health And Tech Friend ~~~Nancy says:

Online tutoring; great topic here! This is a great
niche – and a fantastic part of a business!
Thanks for this info!
I'm looking to grow my business! This could be
in my future!

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