8 Work From Home Jobs That Are STILL Hiring! 2017 Recap

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BSG Verification Agent

Convergys Work From Home Sales & Service

Measurement Inc

Broadpath HealthCare Solutions

Direct Interactions CSR for parking tickets


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Shannon D Caldwell says:

Hey LL,
I signed up with BSG a couple of weeks ago and finshed all my required test to get started. Although after finishing my asigned trainer let me know i was accepted, but the training is on hold until January. until they get more people in the training class. So please everyone. go sign up the test are simple and easy.

Jennifer Pearson says:

You are awesome. Thanks so much for these leads!

Miesha Wilson says:

Can you share any jobs for content or freelance writers?

nina Thomas says:

I am a new subscriber and I love the way you talk you are so professional you helped me out a lot I'm a young mom 21 + I work a part-time job I'm currently working on my GED and you open up a lot of options for me thank you so much you are a great woman

Erika Wilkerson says:

I want to start working from home. What would be the best way to start as far as equipment needed. I dont have anything thst is needed. Also always great info. Thanks

Faith Smallwood says:

This is wonderful!

Lydia Oaks says:

The site for measurement inc states you need a bachelor's…did you?

Iamopulence says:

Hi thank you for the leads. I wanted to know if any of these companies provide the equipment.

Kellie Kelz Way says:

Very helpful

Erica Beatriz Orendain Cruz says:

Hello, I try the apple link and my phone said that it was a malicias link. Do you have any other link? Thank you.

mjgolden44 says:

i went on website and i dont have everything they are asking do you suggest me getting those items first then apply without knowing if they would hire me

Hailee Puth says:

Hey beautiful!
Any job for people outside the US & Canada??

Marie Pearl Chuks says:

I would like to know if these jobs are available internationally I would like to take advantage.

mingnon holmes says:

This is so good to hear..i was always hesistit about appying for a job working from home but this is exactly what i need bc of my situation at this time..thanks for uploading this information. Now I pray i can get the job & the process started without too many or any complications.if
i need some assistance getting started is it possible you can help me if i need it? im not on facebook nor instagram but i can receive emails. Thankyou again 😇

Donishia Nesby says:

Is it possible of you can find jobs that don't require high school diploma, and a computer

mjgolden44 says:

would bsg be a good starter company this would be my first time trying to work from home

Debbie Bloodworth says:

Thank you so much
for networking and referring legal employment that is currently hiring.

Jus Nikale says:

What is a good starter company to work for if you do not have experience working from home?

IBleedBlue BBN says:

Thanks for sharing doll!!!

Lala M says:

I asked on another video, but no one answered. Are ppl unable to get unemployment if layed off from some work from home companies?

Barbara West says:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a few words about what you shared with us about working from home. YES, I do agree it is NOT FOR EVERYONE you do have to "WANT" to do it and you should set a few goals for yourself. Yes it does takes discipline and it is easy to get lazy. But before I started my work from home journey I made a list of reasons why I wanted to do this, The major reason is that even though I am not sick , I have to see at least six different specialist doctor's each month so, being able to set my own schedule really worked for me. I looked for positions that I was able to set my own schedule and make the appointments that is why I HIGHLY recommend Nex Rep (been with them for two years) and BSG. I think I might be the one you mention in this video when you spoke about BSG Voice Log. I can't say enough good thing about this company it has pros and cons but when you are starting out working from home or you need a good night time gig, in college, have children in school, etc it is the BEST way to go. I currently work for two work from home positions one of them being Nex Rep at night. Getting two WFH jobs was not an easy task but I worked very hard watch a lot of videos , such as yours, and stay up lot of nights filling out application after applications. The reason why I left BSG Voice Log is to make a little more money…but I reapplied to them and they responded and waiting for a night session to open in January ( and yes that will be three WFH position!!!!) . Thank you so much for your videos and wig reviews. BTW….I also applied to Broad Path and was hired. And I also respond to that video you made about Broad Path. The reason why I decided to resign from Broad Path was that I had very little medical background and the training was VERY fast pace and working another job I could not keep up. If hired they will send you a BEAUTIFUL home set up computer system and there are a lot of other great perks!!! Thank you so much for you do for us out here in the WORK FROM HOME WORLD!!!!

Butina Johnson says:

Do you know of any jobs that are part time? I work 8-5 and looking for a non phone WAH position.

LaRonda Outlaw says:

You are a blessing😍💝

Shannon D Caldwell says:

Oh an thanks for the tip for Next Rep I have. an interview. next week. I love you so much for all you do Loveley L.

mswebcam31 says:

Love your videos I am staying positive with these jobs been looking for a couple of months now having a comp that's about 4 years old, wifi, and no landline, and no money to upgrade any of these had me down but I am staying positive. Thank you everytime you post a new video is gives me a opportunity 😉

Lori Joyner says:

Thank you so much! You have know idea how much I appreciate this update.

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