BEST 🏠Work From Home Jobs in 2019 | Marissa Romero

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I always do Real research when it comes to the best work from home jobs in 2019 because it’s important to those who are really trying to make an income from home. In this video, I mention 4 different industries with several opportunities to work from home. I’m certain there’s something for everyone in this video !

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Thandiswa Mahlatshana says:

Hi Marissa, I work at the bank between 08:0016:30 that’s South African time. I am interested in virtual assistant how can I go about doing it!!!

Keisha Stanley says:

Great vid, good leads. Still trying to work on getting legit jobs on Freelancer. It seems a lot of these jobs are questionable. Any suggestions?

Deniece Henville says:

any side hustles for persons outside US and canada ie caribbean?

Bridget Bartlett says:

I was able to quit my job as a pharmacy tech after 7 months doing affiliate marketing. People dont realize you can do this for free. It was the best decision I ever made!

PrettyTiaF says:

Imo the virtual assistant position is the absolute WORST. I have never seen availability in this position or its usually customer service jobs and im over customer service. I liked the transcribing one even though ive been burned by several transcribing sites. I’ll try the one you suggested tho. I also like the magazine ideas. Thanks! You are also really pretty and i like your hair 🙂

ivan padilla says:

sexy morena

starcanbe says:

Thank you sooo much….Love you for the information! Sooo many blessungs 2 you!!

Ferlin Jan Demontaño says:

@t Access this link and be a transcriber a job just right for you.

Ferlin Jan Demontaño says:

@t Access this link and be a transcriber a job just right for you.

Beauty Bee says:

Am in the Caribbean. I like how you break down everything but I am doubtful tbh becuz I feel its mostly hyped up and when I check them out (I have a few) nothing manifested. But but I will try the some of those u said at the start of the vidoe. I won't subscribe just yet. I want to test first to see if wat u reported is true. Just keeping it real with U

Lucy Rodriguez says:

VIP Kid is actually not easy to get hired onto. Even seasoned teachers have trouble getting past their rigorous three-step "auditions" (basically, that's what it is). You must be extremely animated and creative props are mandatory (even for the first video interview with a "mock child"). Just something to keep in mind for those wanting to apply.

Tanisha Knight says:

Great content, Marissa.

J Newell says:

Thanks for this video! I’m looking for another stream of income and saw your video.

I’ve worked for VIPKid for almost two years now and it’s a legit job that has been a godsend for me. Signing up was easy because I had a mentor.

Here is my personal link for anyone to use to complete the first step (the screening process). Here VIPKid will decide whether you move on to step 2 (recording a demo video).

I hope this helps!

TRTRGame TRTR says:

Thank you so much for sharing. Very helpful 🙂

China Eastern says:

Do you need a computer for these?

Kimberly Smith says:

East of the web says they currently have no vacancies for jobs😢

Chae Will says:

Thank you! This was so helpful! Also love how you elaborate on every single one of these companies. 👏🏼👏🏼

jay fox says:

You look formula where have I seen you?

Kbbeauty kB says:

Beautiful and more natural
Moroccan follower in USA 🇺🇸

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