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✔️No Ads ✔️No Pitch ✔️No B.S. – Just the TRUTH about what is the #1 BEST online business to start for 2021. Plus, insights about how the pandemic and lockdowns have affected online businesses!

Now, I go specifically into the #1 online business to start right now, but if you would prefer a top 10 list of online business ideas read this post here-

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Fundamentally our world has changed in 2020. The best online business to start in 2019 or 2020 may not be the best for the future.

With that said there are many great online businesses you can start today with a minimal investment that will put you in front of the current trends of 2020 and beyond.

That is what I cover in this video here…

Not only do you learn what the best online business to start today is but you will also understand why.

You will learn about the different margins available from this online business and why scale is important to long-term growth.

We go beyond the generic idea of “what business is best?” And we dig into how you can start right now even if you have zero experience online.

Finally I go through a real-world example of an online business model I would personally start if I didn’t have a successful business already.

I map out the entire process including what I would do over the next one year to grow this business into a profitable endeavor that could support my family and lifestyle.

As someone who has created five successful websites and generated millions of dollars from an online business I can tell you that the lifestyle potential from making money online is remarkable.

You will also see that the path to creating a business online is relatively simple although it is not easy…

You will understand exactly what you need to do in order to position yourself as the go to advisor within any niche so you can attract all of the attention of your potential audience members and ultimately build a business offering value and service to these folks.

You will also learn how you can improve your life situation in the interim which offers another level of benefit through your personal growth and development in addition to the value you would earn from helping others.

For additional help, tools and resources… Like starting your blog, this post will guide you through the process:

And when you are ready to begin growing your email list which is the ultimate asset for every online business, this post shows how to start your email list for email marketing, free:


Miles Beckler says:

Two trainings that 'tie in' to this perfectly you may want to also watch are: #1 – How to choose a profitable niche – And #2 – How to make money online (big picture course) –

Barry Anderson says:

I just purchased your SamCart and need to spend time to learn it. Hi Miles Beckler. I did write a good review directly to YOUTUBE to let them know that I appreciate you. Yes, selling information is very competitive so making my different and brand name offers must be scaled and organized with the right digital outreach tools . Greetings from Phuket Thailand from Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

Michelle Lake says:

Great inf as usual, Miles. Thanks so much~Michelle🙏

indiepoprock says:

Thanks a lot, Miles. I appreciate so much your generosity for sharing your knowledge. I'm always waiting for your next email.

Charles Bell says:

I am amazed at your kindness, thanks!

sdfg sdfg says:

Just followed your steps to map out my 5 pillars for teaching what i am good at on my big 3m pad stuck to my wall. This seems so do-able. On to breaking out the course modules & topics. Miles, many thanks.

Cut The Crap & Move To Costa Rica says:

Love the video as always the value you give is amazing Pura Vida.

David Carmosino says:

I liked this video as it helped me realize that I can start from scratch and learn to become an expert. I can help others as I’m learning as well.

As far as learning to capitalize on what I already know , that will take some soul searching. At the end of the day it always comes back to the core question , “are people willing to pay me for what I know. “

For example. I am an American living in Italy. How can I teach that ? Who’d be willing to fork out money for that info ?

Eng Atef says:

Hi Miles I want to buy niche site I picked one but still need your consult to complete order or no,so I want paid consult can you contact me.

Mark A says:

Miles, U da man. Thank you for all that u do.

Planetgreenzen says:

Great information Miles, you are super great. You were meant for this type of work.

Eric from ShuckaBuck says:

Miles, this is helluva video. Thanks for posting

Iqbal A says:

I've just been going through your blog setup on your website…

Dude – you are laying out some very serious concepts and some home truths. My late father used to give me this sort of advice (I miss him dearly).

I felt compelled to message this to you publicly. Some examples that left a lump in my throat:

"indecision is a choice" – GOLDEN

"Choosing to build a website based on “Teach your cat to juggle” would be better than doing nothing at all" – PLATINUM

"The truth is you will learn by doing, so let’s get you into action as fast as we can!" – POWERFUL TRUTH!

Mayo Frank says:

Hi Miles: as a beginner to the online business world, would you suggest someone to kickstart with focusing on building a business around affiliate marketing OR information product? Thank you;

Affiliate Marketer says:

Do I have to do full reviews about products after creating one post or can I create about 40-50 posts and then make full reviews for all products on site. I ask because I don't have enough time to make full reviews everyday

ChildofGod Praise says:

Great value thank you so much

Neven Cuca says:

I really don’t like how this Miles Beckler guy gives me so much insight witch makes me work more and more. Thanks for the most relevant videos for theese turbulent times Miles. Great content!

Johnny Robertson says:

Great advice, as I have mentioned to you in an earlier video I am a firearms instructor and already have a wealth of knowledge on this subject. How would you suggest that I proceed like the example above only with everyday carry and firearms instruction. Since I have gotten a head start on the education what should be my next step. I have been giving classes for students in classrooms and range but since the virus came on scene I need another avenue to help more people than 15 or 20 people at a time. This is the reason I believe the future for my business will be a in person and on line mix. Thanks for your help in advance. Johnny B

Tony Cook says:

Love it Miles….really terrific advice. Folk should certainly be keen to learn to earn and also live a more sensible and frugal life in terms of stuff. Generally, we all have enough stuff already and it's good to reconnect with things we already have and enjoy them as much as possible. Drowning in debt is never a good way to live…

Darwin R says:

Another powerful reminder of the importance of keeping it simple. Thanks for this. 🙏🏼

Spooky Gaming says:

Yo miles. Been inspired by your content lately and have been pushing hard with my brand. thanks for the inspiration.

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