Best Online Business To Start In 2018 For Beginners

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If you want to know the best online business to start in 2018, watch this video!

There are many different things you can do to start an online business in 2018, but what I share with you here is what I believe to be the best long-term business ideas out there.

I’ve been marketing online now for a couple years and I can you that creating an online business is quite the journey.

Honestly, most people don’t have what it takes to push through and actually create success, but that’s not you.

You are hear because you were born for this. You are here because you do have what it takes.

I believe you can do it. Do you?

In this video I walk you through the basics of starting an online business and I do cover what I believe to be the best business to start in 2018.

No matter what you decide to start, you must START!

Learn, take action, fail, suck some more, learn, get better, persevere, succeed!.

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Nathan Lucas




Freedom Influencer says:

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Arthur Pereira says:

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王君 says:

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behailu ashager says:

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rathiid says:

You just copied your intro from Nick Nimmin YouTube channel. That's a big set back on your authenticity.

The Lost Goat says:

U have such a beautiful eyes

Mel Anthony Pepito says:

You can also share your ideas for free on

jessica kiefer says:

OMG, where have you been all my life!!! You just have a way of explaining things that make it so simple….I finally get all of this and I’ve been trying to learn it for weeks!!!! Ima fan!!! Sign me up! LOL.

E Amos says:

Nathan. I have tried so many sites and have been scammed one or twice to put it lightly…Help!

khalid bethea says:

How do you make money putting videos on youtube

Cici Souza says:

I lost a lot when i tried investing myself. Maybe i wasn't smart enough but what worked for me was to allow a pro trade bitcoin and take a percentage off profits made for me. Best decision i took all thanks to Adam Khoo


You are so good when you describe any thing , your actions completely synchronised with what you saying , awesome 👏


Hey Nathan . Great Influencing . I'm Coming In .

LovelyQueen Pajares says:


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you can have at least 300 dollars if you are a fast encoder

Victoria Cross says:

Googlr 'DEEVORTY'.. curious?

Soukkhy Sone says:

i love your recommendation but hard for me to create website. i want to have website to sell the local products and hand make from local people

Robert Orubu says:

I never thought i was going to be successful and financially state in my whole life, i tried trading with some so called account managers but to no avail i lost all .
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Charles Placidus says:

Talking Nonsense. See your head like FBA

p in the name says:

So basically this guy is advertising Amazon and Youtube/Google so that more people use their services as sellers. People think they will make millions online while big corporations will eventually make the most money out of it. Nice strategy Amazon & Google though, pretty smart:)

Gobind Khosla says:

thanku god bless u

JC - Lone Crypto Ranger says:

Thanks for posting this video.

Amariah Malach Bride of Yehushua says:

Would you say that Amazon is better to sell on than Ebay?I've been looking into that and drop shipping.i have a shopify account and etsy's, but have not done anything with it.

Kevin Wilburn says:

Hey nathan I have a business card car wash company can you help me

Keenan Magiera says:

Babble ends and interesting stuff starts at 2:16

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