Build your free website- Get Your Business Online Week presentation

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Building a website is fast, easy and free for a year through


Write Dina says:

Just to start this presentation, it shows ONLY for most commom business companies, so it doesn't work for me and other cases that are different kinds of business. First of all, I don't have any company. I am a self- employer. I don't need to describe at all about the product to sale. I don't have product, I have only projects and prototypes. I need to show what I am and what I do for who wants to acquire its.

The model of templates, doesn't fit at all according MY PLANS, that why it is extremely COMPLICATE to works with this kind of “ build web site'', because it is a robot and not open to new creations. If you want to do something mass standart, repetitive, without any originality, and mediocre follow it. It is perfect.

Tim Halloran says:

Nice T-shirt

Heap Khim says:

Not easy ?

victory achionye says:

my city didnt pop up in the search box

Ravinder Tagarh says:

it do not work

Jeff Bilyeu says:

how much does it cost after a year?

Kshitija Mirkale says:

Is it free for unlimited data??

Mahmudul Hossain says:

other countries is not do this. Why??

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