Desperate to Make Money to $8000 a Month Online Business πŸ’΅

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If you’re desperate to make money… online business can either be your best friend or worst nightmare. In this video, I tell you what to do if you are desperate to make money. Warning – this video is not for every one. It will be a big wake up call for a lot of you Deadbeats out there! P.S: the cash used in the beginning of this video is 100% fake movie prop money.

So the way I look at desperation is that there are 2 types of desperation. The “Good desperation” can fuel you to be successful, while “bad desperation” can cause you to fail at online business.

Example of “good desperation”:

Let’s say you finished high school but never went to college.

You took remedial jobs to get by…

Suddenly you realize your life won’t get any better unless you do something about it.

Unless you get up on your own feet and make things happen yourself.

These are the types of people that do well in starting their own businesses online simply because there is no other option.

The other end of the spectrum is “bad desperation”:

If you want to make money online, you cannot be desperate for money.

If you are $50 away from being broke and not being able to pay your rent, I’m going to be honest with you and say making money with an online business probably isn’t your way out right now.

First you need to get your affairs in order. Get stable. Bankroll at least $1000 in cash, and have your expenses under control.

Once you’re in a stable state of mind, THEN consider starting your affiliate marketing business.


Jay Kaulitzke says:

Trying to make money online seems really daunting at first but then I realized that if I only got up to making $20 a day that is still an extra $600 bucks in my pocket a month. That could add up fast and I could turn around and invest that extra money.

Make Life Worth Living says:

Hi my name is Michail
Sorry for my eanglish . i thing i am in a BAD DEPRESION

First Something about me:
-i am from Bulgaria but also Germany i am a mix of the both country
-my dream now is to build a catamaran and make a round the world trip and work that i like
most, the SEA. and maybe under a nice palm .
-I am self employer from 9 years. i was 20 years old then i start my first company, now i am brocke -15k$ because of trusting friends and people.
-now i am 29 years OLD broke. and very depressed. So i want now to work only something that helps me Make My Life Worth Living. something online

From 3 week i am very depress so i deside to change everything start from from 0
So I change my name to"Make Life Worth Living" because not to forget what i want .

Maybe With Bad depression is possible to star also .

Something about my business maybe someone or some web page i have( +20) may help me
my buissenes are :

-TV, Compute repair service wit alot of web pages were i create alone
-CCTV securety sistem selling + montage online shop also for my coutry
-Local shop for food and alcohol-only season : no more will open can not fing good onest people also tried with best sallari and trusted friends also steal
-local duner nad pancake shop only summer season : no more will open can not fing good onest people also tried with best sallari and trusted friends also steal dress shop not working 1 year

From this businesses i need workers and the problem was ,the good workers are gone and the majority are steeling even your best friends.

some of my web pages: the page that i spend a lot of work and time to learning SEO and for the best keyword i am first in google in my country is a 3,4 old site for dresses originally dissing for Bulgaria after 1 years of not working i deside to make it a drop shipping site for all countries and with shopify i just started 2 days ago with this its a security system site. my plan was to open a shop in Germany . but only have made the site before old 2 years maybe some ideas what to do with it maybe affiliate or also drop shipping ? the same like avi7 but for all country 1 year old with all underdomenin like and +10 are design only for local businesses maybe some idea how to make it only online solutition?

the list is big but i don't earn online nothing from the web pages i have.

now what i want to do
Drop shipping
maybe some another ideas

the comment is become to big :D:D i stop for now

Now i thing to buy the course of Dan i see what i will learn from it .

Thanks DAN

irchrismm says:

Subscribed. I'm in the good desperation.

LunatiiC rodrig says:

loving your advice so downto earth and thr wayy you express youtself you sound quite reliable to me..just found out about your channel few weeks ago and now im here aboyt to buy your affiliate trsining…btw i would ssy i'm on the good desperation ..just in need of some sort of guudance and a littlr bit of time managaement in my case since im a stayat home mom ….with two children at home to take care of i find it hard to dedicste some time to this but like you always mention in your videos im not happy with the fact that were just surviving off of the bare minimum and feel like we need a change in our lives i dont care hiw much work i need to put into it plus to me working retail no longer works for me !!! just thinking bout my old daily working routine at a retail store makes me light headed….so boring and stressful which gets me thinking and hoping this training of yourss really puts me on the right track!!!!!puh leaseeee daniell!!!fingerscrossed this enlightens my path with your guidance! oh and i spologize for long comment still hope you actually read this cuz i wanna thank you in advance and for your great advice ..πŸ˜‰future deadbeat here

Jenna Hawes says:

Do you stick with 1 niche when doing amazon?

harrisdoodle says:

Hey Dan, In your mind, how long do you consider to be the initial phase?

Zibani Baruti says:


Elkhemi Elah says:

I really want to say that you are absolutely a game changer and your approach with what you are doing and you're absolutely right about telling people to get their mental and their emotional states in order and balanced and working out and all of that! I mean my God- I am so proud of you I'm so proud of you because I have absolutely never seen anyone approach their business honestly like that to people ; I mean you just went straight for it! I'm a holistic therapist and that's what I have to do I'm at the tell him right now and about to jump into a great big things for us all!! I can't wait to get started on your system here soon!!

tuiko bul says:

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Gracetina Ogu-Ububa says:

Hi, I have been watching your video and think that amongst all the rubbish on you tube you are really an honest guy and do not lie, I like your programmes a lot and keep on bringing giving us the best, thank you.

Presence Tse says:

So is the step to be an affiliate : make a web, write content,get traffic,make sales? Why are there so many affiliate programmers with monthly fees that are so expensive ?

dfkdsf dfdf says:

why is there only 4 testimonials ?

Nomade Lost Soul says:

i am desperatly serching th ultimate way to be able to live and eat and pay my rent…thats all i need and i need that in the next 15 days othewise im fucked…..

please someone help me

Joseph Shatrowsky says:

I am a department manager for a grocery supermarket chain. I've been here for almost a decade and I'm starting to feel very burnt out. The 50 hour weeks are starting to kill me and the demands of management are getting more and more stressful. I listen to everyone's advice on YouTube but I don't know what the best way is to achieve freedom. Some people advise to start an online business selling physical products, and some like you advise affiliate advertising. I don't have a lot of spare money but I do have maybe a few thousand to play with, and I am lost as to where to start. I want to have a better future with my wife and future kids and have time to love them

Leof says:

How can I make 1000k a day from my bed?


Hi Dan! This is absolutely the most sound advice……..I have listened to a lot of "gurus"……..they do not often speak very truthfully……..just give a lot of hype about how easy their system is, etc., etc. Thanks for being honest!

Timothy Hale says:

How many times have you lost that robe before recording? I love your vids bro very informative.

R Fee says:

Good advice

jhs graphiko says:

I can't wait to make all that money to help my family and some friends THAT NEED HELP!

Osawe osaheni says:

I wish i can click like twice, very nice

Robert Otero says:

as usual a Great Video, I have been looking at your stuff for two weeks now and I AM READY TO TAKE ACTION, tomorrow after I. get home from my job (I will explain what a job is at a later time) I will become the next "want to be> Deadbeat

Jessica Lauren Vine says:

Great video Dan! Thanks for all of the great videos.

Master Dion says:

the testomonial is very vague, doesnt really tell what he did, and how he got the system to work

kelpaxe says:

I'll be back when I'm in the good state, I feel like the dough I have rn is not nearly enough

Amit Shapira says:

You're the man.

Andrew Palacio says:

Hey dan big fan and am using your program currently and I don't doubt that you make a good income but are those stacks of money real? Be real!

Andres Garcia says:

How many affiliate programs do you recommend signing up with for a niche website? i currently signed up with two, and it's getting messy.

I am the real Flash says:

Good advice. Also for people that are stressed you need to get out into Nature; into a park or the beach. Go to the beach and watch the water. Stress releases the hormone cortisol into your blood stream and cortisol will shrink your brain. Also meditation helps, sit quietly, take notice of your breathing or pray if you prefer, and say over and over, "I am healthy, wealthy and wise and money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways." Maybe you should be a Life Coach Dan..:) There are so many internet scams out there you really don't know who to believe. I sincerely hope you are one of those people that is genuinely concerned about helping people.

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