DON’T TURN AROUND… | Home From Work 2

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It’s too late… it’s already in your home… it’s already right behind you…
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The Gameinator says:

Can you play tension mode? plz?!

Jenna Werner says:

Anything in the attic? Ah. OH.

chica1011000 says:

baby start crying
me:what the fucking fuck?

Dani Smythe says:

so right before he said "did you just fall" i literally fell

A person that likes food says:

that grin tho

Freyjinn Gaming says:

this is one of the first games I played on my channel, it takes me back! 😛

tamrynweasley says:

only watching Mark's face when I get scared 😂

Mae Borowski says:

you know the scariest place to get jumped scared?? CORRECT BATHROOM STALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not lieing they are scary open 1 by 1, 1 of them is the key of a jumpscare xD

Phoebe5448 says:

FUCK basements. Glad I live in a flat!

Annu Nommy says:

FUCKING HI to you random person who is in the comments and not watching the video because you're scared. BE BRAVE AND GO WATCH THE VIDEO!! IMBRAACEEE JUMPSCRRAGEEE

Valkyrie says:

tell me what you want, what you really really want OHHH COME ON MARK WHY MUST YOU GET THESE SONGS STUCK IN MY HEAD.

Mermaid Man the Impaler says:

Get outta the comments and watch the damn VIDEO!!!

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