Driving For Hermes £15 – £20 An Hour – Day In The Life Courier UK

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Driving for my Hermes where you can earn up to £20 an hour depending on the area / route!

If you want me to try any other delivery jobs let me know in the comments and please SUBSCRIBE!

See how much I earned in one month!

Watch my driving for amazon video here:

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Elda Dellorto says:

Rubbish service Hermes, ,, I still waiting for my parcel joke , ,no phone to call to enquire! Hermes sent me my tracking number on 6 March 2020 I am still waiting!!

74wrighty says:

Why are you posting this? No, sorry it's my fault. Why am I watching this? Ahhhhhhhh.

Davey Boy says:

Top man . straight talking.make it what you want . cheers

moh Ukkasha says:

Do you really want as to believe you deliver more that 100 parcels in 3 hours that’s around 30 parcels in a hour so 1 parcel in every 2 minutes , stop lying if is so good why are they always advertising

Jack-Paul Wright says:

That chomping 🤮

graham ross says:

you got no one to answer to. your having a laugh, you get bullied to shit by angry welsh women managers

Lee says:

Talking and chewing is disgusting.

Artem Gulenco says:

For Transit

KasimA5016 says:

You rent a van or you own yours?

Eddie Lloyd says:

you need to shave between the bullshit vids

gary o'rourke says:

Alright mate what size engine is your van ?

Sophie says:

Have you ever had any issues with pay?

Roger Reid says:

What van size you driving to earn that money.. I got offered 0.65 for 50 parcels.. why they offer so less.
Every company comes off with low starts then mention it go up after 2 weeks load of bollocks..

Mark Anderson says:

So cool not wearing a seat belt

Think Creative says:

Can you do a video on how much you get on hermes.

Laszlo Kocsis says:

no seat belt! brilliant driver!

Lmb Lmb says:

Hermes not got a clue bad people

H1 says:

U work for a joke company fuck hermes, silly guy

Annum Iman says:

do you have a van?

Freddie M says:

How much are Hermes paying you for this advertisement?

G.C. Morrocco says:

You should do a Vegan Double Whopper and Tennents Super review while driving without a seatbelt!

Its All Good says:

Why does the 30mins+ at the depot not count in the rate? Brakes? Van depreciation? Tyres? Damages? Insurance? It is NOT £15+ p/h. It's closer to minimum wage, and sometimes worse.

Babar Khan says:

70 deliveries in 2 hours. Joke.

Z Man says:

Quick question can you use any car. I have a Toyota prius will that be okay? And how dose insurance work thanks

Chris Holt says:

My best advice would be to put your seat belt on.

Thomas Livingstone says:

Fackin' el m8

steve welsh says:

don't lie mate, you are full of shit. I worked for Hermes (I only left due to serious injuries to my legs), you only get 75p per parcel for large and heavy parcels, the ones you had in your van were just over 50p per parcel. if you were earning £15/£20 an hour on your round the parcel price would be dropped so it fell into their guidelines of pay. also no way did you turn up at 9 and left at 9.20, you have to scan every parcels details onto your handset, then set the times for deliveries and load your van up. some days when the van has been held up on its way to your depot you can be waiting for hours for it to arrive, this happens regularly and you don't get paid for this time, this happened at my depot 4 days out of 5 on numerous occasions.also you don't get paid for parcels you don't deliver, I had a good area and could earn decent money but you have to take into consideration that your vehicle will undergo a lot of pressure, your central locking as you have to lock your vehicle every time you go to deliver a parcel, starter engine as you start and stop so many times, fuel is a nightmare as you use a lot of fuel every ignition, my ignition packed up once too, the stress on your vehicle is terrible. you have to work really hard to get decent money, by decent I mean maybe £10 an hour at best after petrol and maintenance, this includes your loading times etc, but it isn't easy. also Hermes don't have your back, if a customer says they didn't get their parcel and you know they did, Hermes will believe the customer. you get abuse off customers too, its amazing what people complain about, they order for next day delivery and are at work all the next day, when do they expect to get the parcel? I got abuse from people for waking them up to deliver parcels cos they are working nights. also if someone isn't in, you have to try to get a neighbour to take the parcel in, the abuse you get here is amazing. it can get very stressful if you don't know what your doing at the start, and you get no training with handsets or how to sort your round, so basically its 'here are your parcels and a handset,,, off you go'…………………………. good luck

J J says:

Whats the average amount of parcels you deliver per day and whats the geographical area you cover? Is it entirely within your town or is it in a different town?

battlestarone says:

Ballocks !!!!,,,are you sucking off managers?

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