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1dashcamboatsandcars says:

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uma mahesh says:

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Isiwara Abisheka says:

Is this world wide

Dandy Lopez says:

The example souq is incorrect. You perform the search in New Zealand and not the United States. 🤥

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brian poland says:

U can start blogs and use those blogs to promote high paying affilite programs and run ad using Google ad words and find ways to make it profitable this does work bit it's alot of hard work

DBHunc says:

Are there any other alternative landing pages for free that you can use as a bridge page?

franci gabade says:

Wonderful , now i know how to get an affiliate link! Thanks a lot.

Blc ME says:

Can we unregistered from this if we want to? Because we have to add bank ac number and it will keep on running but what if I want to stop it?? 🤔 Please reply if you have time..

West Charles Dixon Junior says:

Is this legit? Has anyone tried this?

pawegs says:

Bullshit… You didnt show a cent of profit

David Lee says:

u pay $200 for google ads. but you get 50 x 3.75 from souq? dude, you lose 12.50

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