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EverythingNonJailbroken says:

Man your Mic silencing everytime you stop talking is so annoying.

ian strees says:

sorry iam not to be good for listening english and i wanna ask you about it . . I dont know who and where i can reach some money from the facebook ads or from the company who i talk to put some ads . . ??

SEM says:

Why is everyone saying this video is confusing? My english is not very good because of im from The Netherlands but i can easily understand this. Great video btw, i might try this in my area too


Wow.hello sir do suscribe my channel too I am a new commer

Watch In 29 says:

I have one like for u but not with thumbs up its with middle finger up

Green onRS says:

I got 1 minute in and realized this half a meatball cannot create a sentence. Inefficiency is a pet peeve of mine i got physically stressed from that minute. I hope this comment saves someones ears.

Esyy says:

Play the video in 2x speed it'll save you time (:

abdul malik Faisal says:

Translate on arbic

Niels van den Kieboom says:

You are running adblock, every page will show up as not running a 'Pixel'. Nice try though.

Arief hdt says:

Wasting my time

md selim ST says:

Subscribe me

aku apalah apalah says:

Nih orang ngomong apa 😂🤣😅

Mohibur Rahman says:

Dude…. I have no idea what are you talking about …
I just waste my time….

Universeal13 says:

You can still run ads on fb without pixel. That extension is kinda misleading.

Arun Kumar says:

waste video, not to watch!

Road Reaper says:

So if my country sucks it wont work xd

abdulelah al sukairi says:

ترجمة ؟

PS Network says:

Sir I'm a Indian. I am a class 10th student how I make money for more study.

AG Travels says:

I am a traveler from Russia, I will be glad to see you on my channel) subscribe

KingScribbler says:

omg im slowly
dying trying to stay with this guy

Abdallah Raafat says:

Why are all these vids so good to be true..
I want to make $100 a Month !

nalaka perera says:


pak Engineers says:

i think its best but its so difficult everyone not understand . if anyone about other way to earn monay online please tell me

Evo Life says:

Someone getting money by this way?

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