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Jack Browder says:

I just did a little more research on this by going to Listserve and checking out their Author's Guide. Here is a direct quote:
"The subject must not already be covered on Listverse or elsewhere on the Internet.
We do not accept submissions that are copies or re-workings of previous lists or content found on other websites. A web search for listverse and the item you are writing about will reveal any duplication so make use of search engines when writing your lists." This eliminates Pintrest as a source of information for the lists. Sorry Tyler, but I've found that in all of your videos like this, you always seem to leave out an important element that makes what you're teaching not practicable. That's why I unsubbed a while back.

Jack Browder says:

Great concept. I read the Rules in the background of your vid. It says you have to include a link to a reputable source so Listverse can verify the content and ensure the write up is original. Since you suggest Pintrest (sic), what do you suggest as a reputable link? Thanks.

John Setai says:

Is this worldwide?

ZimaRima Music says:

You are the Best Man

Adapt Gaming says:

Oh yeah yeah

Corey Janice says:

so who has this really worked for????

Ritu Warde says:

The website listverse is not secure. How we can trust the website?

Jonny Murray says:

I did 5 apps and nothing

Mark Dadero says:

Tyler i need to help my sister even i can earn 1 dollor per hour i will do the job plss help me.

Cara Valentina says:

please give me $5 :(i just need that.

jo cat says:

Paypal limited my account and now cannot longer to use it by no reason.

Dionesio Jose Jr. Burdador says:

Tyler this is only for native speakers, can you suggest other companies that accept works from non native speakers anywhere in the world?

Ibrahim Fari says:

Thanks David for the making money tip again but I spend about 5 month bu5 I didn't yet to get my own way to Earn please any one to help

Lora johnson says:

Promo me….plzzz

vedq5TV video says:

What wall paper you are using

Link Fly says:

Hello Sir I Want Paid Promotion

Millionaire Mindset - How To Make Money Online says:

💰If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

Ailuz Gamers says:

Are you have a proff this site pay?

Ammu Digital says:

Nice video Sir


another great vid, thankyou, king regards

Kstorm Power says:

Problem is that they are not accessible in every country

Hassan Khan says:


Ro Khan says:

Ur voice is same like D. Trump. So i hate u too.

Mark l says:

Why do you care for other people so much? Most people want money for this kind advice or coaching. Man your a blessing thanks from the bottom and top of my heart!!!

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