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Debbie Oelke says:

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Tomas Jokubaitis says:

Now telll me where is your money, you didnt show it, that means its FAKE


Paypal is certainly one of the worst companies in the world I have ever dealt with!
It's not professional, neither honest!
I sincerely long to see this company go out of business ASAP!!!!

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Bang to bang. C0mment if your done

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I wish I could be popular like you . Well done keep up the good work. More views to come

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lol wot says:

I am betting that it won't work before I try this.

Edit:fuck I am not 18

Frank Wiley says:

Just another way for them to swindle you into giving up all your info & recording you.

TroDaPro Z says:

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Ali-Sleiman CHEHADE says:

Love you too bro 🙏😂

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delinquent says:

"Who uses Firefox these days"
anybody who doesn't want their personal data being sold

ELEM says:

Im stuck at the location part of the registration.

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Laquanna Manuel says:

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The Art of Tony V says:

I went through the sign up process and decided to NOT go any further because it asked me to down load their software that would "record my screen" Are you kidding me.
Those types of programs can be hacked and remotely turned on and people can access your personal info on your computer.
No thank you, there are plenty of other ways to make money online than give some strange unknown company access to my personal computer…
I'm out!!

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