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Kixx Spyster says:

Big Mark the bullshitter

Films Channel says:

Bro fack video 😡😡😡😡😠😠

Jack Boston says:

how about maybe you show us u using it and cashing out

Joan Steyn says:

I really wants to make money

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hububu lulu says:

Making 0.01$ in 15-20 minutes is not 1$ per 15 seconds

Connor McLees says:

He looks like a nurse

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Hi Big Mark thank you for this information,you got me as a subscriber

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4:37 i like how you switch back to the photo of you at the beach when you start talking about making some very good income. well played mate, very well played. its all about emotions.

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but , where is the sign up button?????????????????????

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How can I make money online here in the philippines?

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yeah… "you have to record your face"… 3 months later you're beeing looked for in public

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Is it necessary to record your face?

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Hey bigmark am from Nigeria …and I will love it if you link me with videos with my country.. Thanks..

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