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I assume you’ve seen this marketing strategy on YouTube videos’ comment section, how people spam videos with comments on free this and that. If you’re wondering what those are, we’re going to investigate that and see what this is all about.

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John Crestani

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Video by Nate Woodbury
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John Crestani says:

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Sotorious says:

i dont know if u are! but u seem more legit then most of bs i see on line about how to earn money on line

Belkacem Kamel-eddine Fetita says:

is Gener8 secure?

Belkacem Kamel-eddine Fetita says:

Is it real?

Hyline Momanyi says:

Very helpful info. Thanks

Tech and Health tips says:

hey!John thanks for sharing such valuable information. your content is really helping for new affiliate marketers like me, so keep sharing your valuable knowledge with us. Thank you once again, And best luck for future upcoming videos…

damilare soneye says:

hello sir this is Isaiah am from Nigeria sir, my country is not on the list of your affiliate program am really interested sir hope you could find a way to connect me

Brian Pfeiffer says:

Yeah crazy must be bots they put those scams up I get them as well

jun fugnit says:

So helpful! 🙂

gman h says:

Dam your good. Every video I see from you, I learn a bit more. Thanks John.⚠️

sandy schloskey says:

Thank you for that important info

KBM Evergreen Amazing Offers says:

love this channel!! thank you, John!! TOP!!!

Affiliate Marketing Biz - Making Money Online says:

Thanks for the info John

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