Earn money online by Viewing Ads in the Philippines

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Wazzup guys!
In this video. I’ll teach you the best way to earn Free money online with paid to click sites, by just viewing ads.
This is the best way for you to earn money online with Paid to click, WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENT.

Here’s the links for my Paid-to-click (PTC) sites:
➡http://oke.io/drFfWz (Buxcap) High paying
➡http://oke.io/1oLi (W3adz)
➡http://oke.io/ykbwGECm (Buxcure)

Earn money online by Shortening and Spreading links:
➡http://oke.io/gHM73wWD – Payza is Like Paypal and it’s FREE

All these sites are Free! and paying!

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Tools and Accessories:
❄ Camera: Vivo V3 Max
❄ Editing Software: Kine Master/Power Director (Phone)
❄ Thumbnail: Picsart
❄ Laptop: Lenovo

Happy earnings!
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Wafer ChocoCheese says:

Hi Guys!
I am sorry to tell you that the sites mentioned in this video are no longer paying. 😦
However, I have another video about how to earn money using your smartphone. And it's totally FREE as well. 😊😊😊
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Yllis Vlogs says:

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Nino Karl Macalincag says:

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merl yatabac says:

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Gabriel Ibañez says:

Hindi Maganda ung mga nirerecommenda mong wedsite di secured. Pwede silang hindi mag bayad once na mag claim kana ng money Payo ko sa inyo sa mga secured Site kayo mag registered or connected sa mga official site makikita nyo nmn kung secured ung wedsite eh Sa gilid ng link..

lance mascardo says:

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choecozai choecozai says:

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Ace Robiso says:

try this! they pay if you win.

https://www.snuckls.com/cyro2 and

you need an active fb account, patience watching some youtube videos and a lot of luck. you may also win the jackpot prize.
they are paid to make a youtube video to have a lot of views and there way to do this is for you to participate in it. this is how it works. its legit and no investment.

Nicolette Arrocena says:

Gusto nyo bang magearn ng money online? More importantly, free load?! Pero wala kayong Paypal account at hindi kayo pwedeng gumawa kasi underage pa kayo? Why not try Peraswipe, sobrang dali lang mag-earn ng points dito at may mga events pa daily.
Ilagay niyo lang yung referral code niyo na "sugumx" for extra points 🙂
Mabilis lang magredeem dito, at load po ang maireredeem nyo dito. If globe po kayo, you can use your load pangbili ng apps tsaka mga in-app purchases (kagaya ng sa spotify).
Pwede din kayong magredeem ng Sodexo Mobile Pass, you can use it pagbibili kayo sa mall. Mabilis lang magredeem dito kaya idownload niyo na siya sa playstore. Don't forget the referral code na "sugumx" 🙂

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Win Mac says:

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ira says:

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antonio coba says:

anong pinagsasabi nito, wala namang lumalabas na paid to click! sa 3 links na binigay nya

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