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How to make money fast by scrapping. In future videos I will show you where to find scrap, how to scrap it, and all things your going to need to know about it. All you need is a vehicle or a way to haul the metal. Take it to your local scrap yard and get cash on the spot. It is very important to call your local scrap yardS to make sure you take it to the one paying the most. Prices do vary a lot!!!

This video was shot on the spot. No BS. Sorry about the smoking…. its just a BAD habit I’ve picked up over the years to cope with stress.


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Anna's Eating Show says:

ur totally cute

Jacob Jamar says:

Love the buckling up while driving part, like he saw a cop.

K Zpodindustries says:

The most I ever got for a full truck load of steel was $270
For that same load the lowest I got was $35.
That must have been when steel was down to $48 a net ton
My recent run 4-5-2016 was $78 a net ton I got $60 for the load.
Hopefully that's a sign that it's on an upward swing.

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