Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (CARTOON PARODY)

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The Fifth Harmony girls aren’t bringing much “Harmony” to this construction site
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Fifth Harmony Voice by: Robin –
Ty Dolla $ign ,Boss Voice & Animation by: PopToonsTV
Song Produced by: Boi Yaye Productions
Original Music Video:


juicy lemonade says:

0:34 Yes I know,Camilla Cabello XD😏

Puppylove9505 Kelly says:

Bitch please lmao πŸ˜‚

Junior Malungo says:

Camila could have just used her Febreze Flower power to get rid of the bathroom smell

David Cabral says:


Elegra Jurkovic says:

She really ain’t that pretty or cute
Neither are u bitch and that hair flip
No hate to pop toons good job on making a bitchy character

Imperfect says:

This is actually kinda good in a weird way

Doris Anderson says:

She stole his burger rip


β€œNo I’m queen b”

*Bitch please*πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Robert Benitez says:


{DDLC} Shipper Olvera says:


what up what up yo wassup says:

See that guy scratching his ass m ade. Me cringe

Shwimmy Wimmy says:

I don’t even know all their names, even Camilla’s, until I heard on the celeb news that she left.

Mackenzie Lewis says:

I hate this

Gabriel Kane says:

coitado do homen chorando

Kierra Lewis says:

Yesterday I was Watching d real one for dis on my tv

Ahmad McGill says:

camila called normani rachet #lol #lmbo #burn #roasted #triggered

Lauren Santoyo says:

A free an easy way to earn money from home,all done from your phone!

Dilcia Ovalle says:


rose sparkle says:

Did any body see to dollarless lol

Efrainthesavage eframendoza2424 says:

Yes I know her name its Camino Cabella

Lena K. says:

Lol i love parodys but saying an artist is ugly or whatever isnt ok

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