Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign Lyrics

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Hannah Nemeth says:

I love this song

Emo Cat. :3 says:

I like the song but the beginning where the bag gets dropped and the machine kind ruins it

Najihahrahman04 Abdrahman says:

fav song ??

Jamicka McAllister says:

I like it because I like how they sang

Anna Hood says:

hi faith hamony girls

Anna Hood says:

Hi I like this song

Marie Sawadogo says:

loveeeeeeee youuuuuu

Khatri Gita says:

Amazing song lov it:-):-)

Krinoula Kokkinou says:

Always work LOL???? :-)

Yoseiry Burgos says:

me gusta mucho la canción

Gabby Mason says:

thi s is bullshit 110 thumbs down.sry guys

Irene Gamez says:

?I love that song

Serena Kalopong says:

this song rocks!

22spiritfree says:

im in love with t this song


we herd some music at the pbis party today and we herd and all the girls ran out the school and started dancing. then the boys came out

Giulia Cesaro says:


alexa wallace says:

I love this song

mis lupis says:


Savannahellison Ellison says:

i. love. your. song

Savannahellison Ellison says:

i. love. your. song

Shanquis Williams says:

hi trenity

Naysha Velaz says:

my favorite part of the song is 3:37.

Jayla Terry says:

Work work work work work work work work

Alyssa Bowen says:

it's all bout working I work everybody else works

Sarah Dawood says:

I like this song sooooo much

Judy Amin says:

It's more lovely more than I thought 

ainhoa sarria parra says:

i like this song


Let's put it into motion
Ima give you a promotion
I'll make it feel like a vacay
Turn the bed into an ocean

Omg dead af

Javin Grimmage says:

I love this sonf

Panic! at Twenty One Falling Pilots says:

Why does everyone think this song is about a complicated relationship? It's not about a complicated relationship, she's just saying he doesn't have to go to work and "we can work from home" practically meaning she wants to spend some nights with her boyfriend. Just because you don't see your boyfriend/girlfriend 24/7 doesn't mean it's a complicated relationship. Stop saying it is!!!

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