Fifth Harmony – Work from Home (Live on Domingão do Faustão)

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Venz Eivanne Alvarez says:

Ally bish come thruuu

Sacy sacedon says:

please remove these people behind

eva_vert says:

I'm sorry to say this, but I will forever feel like there's something missing when they perform this song with the four of them.
I can't unhear Camila's adlibs you know…

Priscila says:

So much spotlight on Dinah yes bitch finally omg I’m screaming

gab 2005 says:

I'm from Brasil

ana isabella villa muñoz says:

vistamonos de negro y no le digamos a dinah -.-

Evi Sniket says:

Dinah's vocals were on fleak❤
Also,Lauren you slay my existence🔥

Leonardo Squillante says:


Rachel Degracia says:

My queens slayed.

Btw, the dncers were mesmerized by our ladies,hehe thats y they're just lyk that😂😁😅

cristopher peralta says:

OMG I fell in love with Ally's hair and make up… looks super bitch <3
Loved Dinah's part at the end <3

ShadowhousePictures says:

Watching these performances of 5H makes me so excited cuz I'll be seeing them in the B96 Jingle Bash!

Roselynn Flores says:

omg yasssss!!😘😘

Giovana Faustin says:


anthony edwards says:

why are these outfits better than the tour outfits tho……

Frankie00 says:

This song needs a hint of Camilla like at 2:56 I missed her singing :/

Maria Rinta-Rahko says:

This performance is amazing and Dinah look so pretty. The all slayd this performance.💖💖💖💖💖💖

C. Ns says:

All I can is 4 four Queens ❤

Michał Lis says:

Where are their skirts?

Brenda Carvalho says:

O faustão conseguiu pagar tanto micão com uma atração do ding dong

Zoe D says:

Dinah's vocals were on fire <3

Jace Wuvs Rylan says:

For me Ally stands out in this performance

Frankie00 says:

Why do they always lip sync the “Work Work Work Work Work Work Work”?

Sophoran says:

something about Dinah that's really sticking out from the other girls. I didn't have a favourite before but she definitely became my favorite after I watched villagefestivallive

sanne tf says:

lauren actually singing the chorus? wig! thats a first!
also probably their best WFH performance in terms of vocals

AdorableBoca says:

Let’s all wear black and not tell Dinah 😂

Lauren is Bae says:

Lauren’s ass got me dead 😍❤️

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