Forza Horizon 3 – How To Make Money XP & SP Fast!

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A quick way to get easy XP Skill points and Money or Credits in Forza Horizon 3 in a very quick time.

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TheWontonFreak says:

Well, I've tried to run this race 3 times with the One:1 and i've run out of gas at the peninsula south of the shipwrecks every time (about 8-9 mins into the race. Seems like i gotta get myself another car x)

daqqer2k says:

WAIT. Do that with a XP BOOST car. :D

FordMan8801 says:

so i put it on the easiest and beat them by at least 3 minutes, so naturally i bump it up 1 level and get beat by 20 seconds. wtf lol. but this is a really good method thanks.

Pichu Plays says:

what car was this? :D

cameron reimer says:

is the higher lvl you are, the more xp and fans you get? cuz im only getting 40,000 fans

Jamie O says:

if you have a horizon edition xp car you get double i got over 90k xp in 11mins :)

Wes Seymour says:

How do you get a clean race bonus? I make sure not to hit any other cars, trees, rocks, etc. Does the bonus go away if we get a wreckage skill bonus for running over tall grass?

OliPlayz 1250 says:

if you can that's so dope

OliPlayz 1250 says:

can you keep on doing the race????

Twisted HD says:

Why the fuck is a driveatar up by me when I'm on new racer how

Simpo says:

So you can just keep replaying this race after you finish it???

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