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You had an amazing idea, launched a kick-ass business, and you’ve been working your butt off to get it off the ground, but why aren’t you making any money yet?

The problem isn’t you, or your product, it’s your plan. In order to reach the success you’re looking for you need to develop a strategic plan that will help you build a successful business that thrives for years to come.

In this webinar you’ll get expert business training from two MBA’s with expertise in marketing, business development & strategic planning. This interactive online workshop will leave you with a clear strategy to finally make money in your business and reach the level of success you want.

In this workshop you will learn:
The basic calculations you need to be making to have a financially thriving business
How building a credible & influential brand can help your business grow even faster
The business impact of a strong personal mission and tips for building a mission-driven enterprise

Hosted by Krystal N Covington, MBA and Danielle Norris, MBA

Business Building Workbook:

About us
Women of Denver is a networking group dedicated to helping women showcase their value, so they can build a credible & influential brand.

Our group was founded on the knowledge that building credibility is the key to success in business, so we provide avenues for you to build a brand that influences people to trust you as an expert and ultimately choose you.

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Krawl Effect says:

I think what you should do is make multiple short videos (About 15 minutes long)
This way we are still informed, we as the audience will be a part of your channel more. and we will keep coming back for these short educational videos. I'm speaking as someone with little time. but truly wanting to be involved in business

Deepak Shukla says:

Fantastic vid; truly like it. Looking forward to viewing some more 🙂

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