FULL Fifth Harmony performing “Work From Home” with Ty Dolla Sign on Good Morning America on 6/2/17

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Fifth Harmony performing Work From Home on GMA Good Morning America today, June 2 2017! Their new single “Down” dropped today as well!

BUY THE SONG HERE: fifthharmony.co/DOWN

STREAM ON SPOTIFY HERE: fifthharmony.co/DOWNsp


Simply Brooklynn says:


melsky alegarme says:

Why the sounds is very low key ….

Ece Γ–zcan says:

I think 5h and Camila is Good in their own ways. Camila is solo much better and 5h is much better without her. Camila has not a bad voice in my opinion at all. It just got on my nerves when she wanted to steal the show when she was still in 5h. No matter in what song she is heard the most. Even If she just Sings in the background while for example Lauren sings. Still you can Hear Camila more because She's literlally screaming in the background while Lauren Actually has her singing Part. (Btw I just took Lauren for an example. Camila did that Thing to all of the Girls) I Don't say the Songs are bad with her but Yeah I Didn't liked her loud background Screaming while the Girls had their parts. Now since she left Both are better. In my opinion I like Camilas low voice more then the high one. And yeah Camila is Solo a better and 5h is better without her. Now since She left I can Hear the Girls Actually share vocals like a regular girl Group πŸ™‚

M Irshad says:

is it me or Dinah really look like Beyonce here????


I feel like Camila leaving the group made them up their game cuz they're soo much better now

5h_cc1 .queens says:

work work work

Raditya Darmayanto says:

Whare Camila

Isaiah says:


camren is real says:

2:05 Que envidia le tengo a la bailarina!😒😒😍😍😍

Crazy Person says:

tbh imma miss the jealous camren moments in interviews or their "secret" hand touching or then licking like or starring at eachother

Harmonizer Hansen says:

that tynah in the end, they sound so good, also Laurinah with the ad-libs and the chorus and dinally in the end of ally's verse, and that norminah with the hand-on-butt move, i love dinah <3

Soulful Sandy Sings says:

Hello Harmonizers check out my acoustic Work For Home Cover!

daniel john says:

I love them but ally needs to change up her look..i think she's gained a little weight the past year and that hair ages her!

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