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Branson Tay says:

As promise, here's a free script to help you out. Tweak it yourself. All the best!

While there are plenty of ways to make money right now, but a few of them actually pay. Or they just doesn’t worth your time to do that.

I’ve been searching for months to look for methods that really work, especially for newbie like me. And recently, I’ve found an app that pays while just clicking. I know it sounds ridiculous. But that’s exactly how it works, just click.

If you want to try it out, you can sign-up through my referral link: ____

After that, just enter my referral code here: XXX

If you use my referral code above, you’ll get 200 points instantly. That’s a huge boost right at the beginning.

Hope this’s gonna help you out.

Good luck my friend.

Anand Rajak says:

Is is applicable in 🇮🇳 India

George says:

So.. The Headline of this video is "Get $0.05 each time you click"?

While the reality is: "Get $0.002 each time you click"
The downside is: You can only click up to 50 click each 12 hours. Which effectively will give you $0.1 each 12 hours if you automate the system. Ou, about that automate-system – It´s flawed.
So… to sum it up:

You do NOT get $0.05 each click but 0.002. Big difference.
You are NOT able to automate the process since Buzzbreaker know about that "strategy". (Was bound to happen)
You can at most make $0.1 each 12 hours if you put your soul into it.

And something tells me that the BMF referrer-link might be your own? There´s no reason for you to show someone elses referrer-link, cause that would be.. well…very nice of you since counting the views on this video right now, I end up @18k. There´s no way you just gave "a stranger" a potential money-earning-bomb using that link, which makes be think that it´s your own link. Would´ve been better to just say that´s your link.

So my analyze of this video? You just made yourself a good chunk of money just from this method other than the videovivews ofc.

But that´s why you´re here.. to make money so.. Congratulation.. 🙂

Sedrik LP says:

my refferal code : B00736512
thaks for help 🙂

Fortnite clips 2019 Tv says:

Send me a referral

John Doe says:

It is really is legit, it already paid me 2cents you can do this to an emulator the only issue is 50clicks so it is kind of low. on top of that if your using your phone are you going to let your phone be unavailable for maybe an hour? I am not sure you will even let it run automatically,

50 clicks (5 points) * 50 = 250 for you to cashout $ 0.2c is 2000 points so just do the math when you can get the idea when can you make a dollar.

BluntMachete Above says:

Just get a automatic clicker

christian garrett says:

It’s not unlimited you still have to wait hours after while

christian garrett says:

Just started with this but after a while it says daily limit reached wait 8 hours…

Ledio Shqiopa says:

Please help . What should i do with those post of facebook who says "share" should i share them to earn clicks ? How much do i earn for one click of them ?

Mark Crook says:

Awesome video as usual. I've installed the app and got addicted to it.

Dhize Guay says:

Legit pu ba talaga ito?

Michael Elejorde says:

📲 Bagong app na pinag kakaguluhan ng lahat. 👍

Click kalang ng click at kikita kana. Ganun lang ka simple!

At dapat meron kang 💳 PAYPAL ACCOUNT! 💳 dahil diyan mo ilalagay ang pay out mo!

💰 $0.02 lang pwede na i-pay out!

Download BUZZBREAK on Playstore and register. To earn extra cash, please don't forget my referral code:

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👉 B00055500👈
👉 B00055500👈



Michael Elejorde says:

Used my refferal code : B00055500

thanks happy earnings

pepek kau says:

Live wd in u wallet first, don't just talking..

Memyself Simple says:

Thanks….newly here….my referal code …B00125322 thanks

Zahid Dogar says:

I like your presentations bro. Please tell a best free earning website who works in Pakistan. Please

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