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Get Paid $2.50 Per Video YOU Like?!! (REAL PROOF!) Make Money Online TODAY!


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Branson Tay says:

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Music Talent says:

I try ady, picoworker is real , but waste time to make money , completed the task need more time only earn by little bit cent.

Abdirashid Xogmaal says:

How can i in somalia

James Sloper says:

Without working during this lock down enough money was added to my PayPal through debtoffflip,wordpress,com

Confidence Jonathan says:

please do they only pay via paypal

Rockstar RJ says:

I am from asia

Jamal Abdihafith says:

From Kenya bro

Nitro Series says:

from Bangladesh
plz make a video on this country

gorjozha charmington says:

from philippines..thanks for the info..

gorjozha charmington says:

from philippines..thanks for the info..

Viv Official says:

I'm India , tamilnadu coimbatore

YouMakeOnline. com says:

awesome, you are very good, you are inspire me

Uriah Jorim says:

Watching from Papua New Guinea

Brenda Shasha says:

From Uganda

Alari Osayi says:

Very fake video filled with lies!
Please if you're not from the US, Uk or Canada do not bother to register with any of these sites… It's all a waste of your time!… All he wants is his views and clicks! Such an asshole.

iLegend7 says:

YouTube: How many ads do you want?

Branson: Yes

Exclusive Tons says:

Kizy from Nigeria

Joel Sosmena says:

I'm Learning๐Ÿ’™

Samjibhai Patel says:

I m learning

NobiTa Nobi says:

I'm From Bangladesh

Anne Anu says:

I'm from Philippines sir !

Football Box says:

I am from algeria

venius1 says:

I am a bit confused, your title says get paid $2.50 per video you like. I did not see any videos for $2.50 to like I saw 3 cent and 4 cent videos. Please provide payment proofs.

gayan sajith says:

i cant open the links on pico workers.there are few avilable for asia.The rapid workers works can't be done.these are not be able to open.some works are taking days.too hard works and i cant even understand what

Tanvir Toraf says:

I'm learning

Tanvir Toraf says:

I'm learning

Free Earning says:

I'm learning.

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