GTA 5 – Make Extra Money (Double Money & RP Bonuses) + Discounts (GTA V Online Update)

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GTA 5 Double Money and RP / Discounts This Week (update – June 6 2019) in this “GTA V” video: GTA 5 – Make Extra Money (Double Money & RP Bonuses) + Discounts (GTA 5 Update)

This “GTA V Double Money” video tells you about this week’s GTA V Update: double money and RP bonuses you can take advantage of this week along with the GTA 5 discounts this week. This week’s discounts include some vehicles, the arena and MORE! I hope this video about the GTA 5 Online discounts / double money and rp bonuses was useful

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Video Owned By Me: Obese Giraffe



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I hope you enjoyed this GTA 5 update/discounts/double money video!


CS Raudel says:

you should make more glitches that don’t need requirements really needed

J.T. Tribby says:

Please Keep making these every Thursday! It's very useful, especially with the new DLC coming soon.

James W says:

If you dont have a crew tag ill help you make money. (on Xbox one )

rbxstrobe says:

Thanks for the help. (also nice accent)

Jet Scrub x says:

Did you name your channel after your mum?

Jaylen King says:

This was very useful keep posting stuff like this👍


Yeah! They want you to buy the old stuff so you can't afford to buy anything from the casino DLC without a shark card or 4. Thank you for giving us glitches to make money! 👍

boostedKTM says:

I love the update on the tunables I religiously watch broontango and he is instructed us to now watch you so please keep up the update on the tunables

Jaden Gill says:

Everyone rockstar put stuff on sell to get you to spend your money!! Rockstar is trying to get you to buy more shark cards! Don't spend your money yet, a new dlc is coming!!

Robbie Coutts says:

Do a face reveal

mk2RAPTOR says:

Rockstar been very generous giving us double money robbing stores

Richard Cruz-Torres says:

Can someone help me with an afk glitch on xbox? My gamertag is NineteenLion698

Salvador Robles says:

0:51 “rockstar have updated the tuna balls”😂😂😂lmao (turn your captions on)


Are you being copy striked by Rockstar like other well known gta5 you tubers? ✌I mean no disrespect.

chriz-lxrd says:

Since the issi is on sale it sells only for 1.4 instead of 1.7 mill fuck I have to wait to sell them😩

IlllI IlIll says:

Is Obese turning into MrBossFTW?

AManWithAPlan4 says:

Does anyone know if that old-ish AFK glitch works alongside the 2.5x money?


I love these types of videos. I sub to someone elses channel just because he does these. Now I'll be clicking on both of yalls

Tobyss435 says:

Go to the beach on a motorcycle and try to draw something on the sand. Finish off by getting in a helicopter and showing off your work is so needed.

BillyThaKid • says:

This is kinda suspicious. Is that afk glitch not patched?

Ritadee1040 says:

So in other words it sucks this week. Yes! Keep doing these videos to keep us in the know cause rockstar update don't update theirs until later on

BoyWithASombrero says:

Hey giraffe, can you update us if any glitch gets patched?

Dragon Gold says:

Master buy anything for free rockstar patched again other way ?pleasee

Cayden Olsen says:

Can you show us the upgrades on your issi? Mine is full and doesn’t quite make it to 1.8 million like yours

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