How I Earn a Living Online (Entrepreneur) – Make Money on The Internet

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Curious about how I make a living online as an entrepreneur? Check out this video to see how I make money from home via the Internet.


Carla Herrera says:

I just found this channel the other day. Awesome content. Thank you for sharing… Subbed. 🙂

Markess A. Wilder says:

This is funny, I have a friend who has been doing that with go-daddy for years and I believe she learned it from you. She always talked about you and that's actually how I found you years ago. I just didn't understand how it all worked at that time.

But I've recently start doing the research so I get it now.

Liam DiDonato says:

i'm here to share testimony!

i lost my job for over 4 months I had 2 children to carter for including my wife and my mum. I didn't have the sufficient funds to but while i was going through post and praying in my mind, i saw a post about a trade and i decided to invest on the trade.I had about $2000, i invested $1700 and one week later I got over $9000.

your current situation might be what i faced and you might be wondering how you could get more money to carter for yourself, well i'm not that selfish.

you can contact ever_green011 on instagram or for the procedure

they are very reliable and trusted i'm a witness!! Praise God!!

Romy Macias says:

Lisa, ok just to be clear: Your site is hosted on GoDaddy? Is your domain name registered with GoDaddy? Or is your site built with GoDaddy?

Express Academy School says:

Good video. Thank you very much !!!

Carlis Design Studio LLC says:

Hi Lisa, I love your videos and willingness to share. Just an FYI on your Passive Shirt Profits website, the "How does it work" video is not playing. Sorry, but no other way to let you know except thru this medium.

Furn333 says:

You are very attractive

Valerie Watson says:

🔴 Thank You Lisa For Keeping It Real. You Are Inspiring!

Jenn Lenay says:

Thanks Lisa. Really appreciate this info. Wonderful you've been at this for a long time! Great job and thank you.

Channel Fiend says:

Ok… I need to SEO mine. I've had my reseller site for about 10 yrs & I ONLY promote it for Domain Names, but not everything else. I don't use them for hosting (a whole different LONG story).

Thanks for the tips.

Getyoursuccess 2pop says:

Great video love your channel.

Ahasan Habib Adar says:

Thanks for being your true self. Very informative.

Love Your Spirit Free From Narcissistic Abuse says:

Thank you so much for sharing.

Miss desire Independance says:

Social media is the way to earn. Im not big on social media so I left internet marketing for ecommerce.

Lee Templeton Jr says:

Great info Lisa was going to just do a quick check but your content was so engaging I watched the entire video in one setting. Really opened my eyes to generating income online. I will check out what you post next. This is coming from an OG who did radio/feature film/ app development and multi media. Love that you share the knowledge and experience!

Gowthaman T says:

Your YouTube earnings will certainly increase this year. 😛

playertube111 says:

I Lisa
I am learning from you for years
And follow your steps
I would like to give you back a new startup from Israel never done before
Please just think about it
We would love to have you in our team and we need like you to open our branch in your city

Peace Of Mind says:

i think u r the first person i have seen way back 10 years ago 🙂 make money online or that create website i think still remember u

RachelleDev says:

Hey! Hey! Hey Lisa!!! OF COURSE I KNEW GoDaddy was your biggest earner, I've been here for you since the early 2000s…. I'm ALWAYS glad whenever you drop a new video!! Fun Fact, I worked for EIG for a hot moment (WordPress support), and I turned down GoDaddy to go work for EIG….

InternetDude says:

You didn’t give a ballpark number on yearly income, is it 6 figures?

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