How I Made My Online Store FREE | 2022 UPDATED TUTORIAL! (NO SHOPIFY)

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UPDATED 2022 TUTORIAL! Hi there! If you are considering Shopify “free trial” THEN WATCH THIS FIRST!! This is for dropshipping , any e-commerce store , clothing line , Handmade products & more!

Today I will showing a tutorial UPDATED 2022 of how to set up a FREE online store without committing to a “free trial”. This free store can be used for hand made items, drop shopping and MORE! In this tutorial I will also show how to make your website look nice and presentable with the best free themes BigCartel gives you! This video is perfect if you are considering building an online business in 2022

With BigCartel you can create a FREE website that you can use for free for as long as you’d like without committing to any paid plans! This IS NOT SPONSORED! I have been using this host for over 5+ years!

👇How To Start DropShipping with $0


👇Step By Step Start Your Online Business Playlist👇


Get a FREE Stock Here👇💰💸

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Kassandra Johnson says:

Nevermind, but thank you so much for all you are doing !

Kassandra Johnson says:

I will check back later, because I know you probably have a lot of people at you!!😃Thank you for responding.

Kassandra Johnson says:

Guess she doesn't answer the comments anymore, or just haven't had the time

GreenGlitterHeartN says:

I LOVE YOU!❤️ this is gonna help me sooo much 🥺 thank you thank you

Redlyn Perlls says:

Hello Isabella there’s no add your location on my checklist

ruben plays says:

how do u get ur first order do u need to post videos on tiktok or something?

Omi G says:

Can this be used to promote a car detailing business. I’m not looking to sell anything on here but to just show my prices for the service?

real world vintage says:

Is it 5 products per category or 5 products for the whole website? Super excited to try this out! I was about to use shopify when I found your video! Keep doing great things! Thank you so much for the knowledge and tutorial 😁😊

Tim Hardaway says:

how do you attach bicartel link on to tiktok and get it to work? i posted my link but it wont allow viewers to click on link to view my bigcartel page.

Aaron Fenech says:

Ur a superstar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SG Productions says:

OMG this is amazing easy to follow content , Thank you Isabella :-). The only problem being from Canada is our shipping costs are insane . I shipped a small package only a 2 hr drive from me and it cost $22 and it was pretty lite

Angeleyez says:

Do you have a DBA ??? How did you get a DBA for your business name? Cause someone can take the name if it's copyright by you. I'm doing my research and want the safest experience

Sarabeth Urech says:

Thank you so much! I start alot of business ideas but have never taken it through to a physical product, until now! My husband and I are doing it! Very excited. How do you and husband spilt the work?

Chaz B says:

I just created a website with a drop shipping item, using this video. Omg, your step by step instructions are so Awesome and easy to follow. Thank you! I am so proud of myself for just making the website, if I dont get one sale, I am Super excited that I did it! Like I just keep going to my website, like I did that…lol Creating websites is something I can definitely keep doing, so if this product doesn't work…on to the next. Thank you Baddie!! Now I got to get this marketing down pack 😉

Berwyn Luxe says:

Uk free e commerce site??

JNY_ JNY_ says:

Yesss dropshipping product on the website. If you already have a video please let me know the exact video 😄

Slayd Wit A Fade says:

What about booking as well for this site

shavel morgan says:

how do i drive traffic to the site?

Kassandra Johnson says:

I'm new here and I thank you soooooo much for sharing this information. I got my LLC but do not have everything setup to get recognized. Can you please help me in my next steps to move forward ? Again, thank you so much for your help!

Gabriella Molayem says:

I love your videos. You are so helpful and it is said with sincerity and honesty. I can't wait to start. Thank you!

Conspiracy Slayage says:

thank you for this videoooooo!!!!!!!!! this was so so helpful! I hit that subscribe button so fast lol

Monica DaCosta says:

I had signed up for Shopify. I made money the first month. I was excited. Then 2nd month, 3rd month came and nothing. By the 4th month I had to cancel. I was paying for the Site and no sales. My mom actually found your video the other day. I am excited and thankful. I will be going through the process today and hopefully be able to get my small handmade business back on track without having to loose more money. God bless you for the information.

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